Pileated Woodpecker Box

Hope for woodpeckers nesting in it.

Young bluebirds

Female Wood Duck

Female Wood Duck nesting in backyard box near creek. She is not yet incubating, but has spent 2 nights in the box this weekend. She is currently busy lining the box with her downy feathers. There are 10 eggs in the box so far. Incubation should be soon!

14 Day Old Say’s Phoebe’s

Say’s Phoebe’s 14 days old from hatching and looking anxious to leave the nest. Haven’t had them long but we’ll miss them once they decide to leave, they’ve been fun to watch the last few weeks.

Carolina Chickadee Eggs

Clutch of 6 Carolina Chickadee eggs laid in my nest box. First egg date approx. 5/2/15.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology