Chickadee Nest

possible cowbird egg in black capped chickadee nest?

do you the large egg on top of the others could be the egg of a cowbird?

Nesting Mama Chickadee

I knocked on the nestbox and had no indication there was anyone in there. Imagine my surprise to find this little Carolina Chickadee in the nest, presumably on her eggs!

Carolina Chickadee Nest

These chickadees started building 2 days ago.

Carolina Chickadee’s mossy nest

Six Carolina Chickadee eggs located within a bluebird sized box. Placement in residential landscaped garden.

Carolina Chicadee Eggs

this is my 6 eggs in my BB house

Carolina Chickadee Eggs (8)

Nest in a nest box.

First look at the eggs

A quick snap of our nest box with eggs from a Carolina Chickadee

Carolina Chickadee eggs!

Nest Box check – 8 eggs remain intact. Hatch date may start 5-7 🙂

Carolina Chickadee Nest Building

I set this nest box up 4 days ago. The Carolina Chickadees inspected the box the same day and began to build this nest which takes up about half of the box volume. All of this work done in 4 days by two little birds. Hoping for great nesting success this year same as last year. Maybe these birds came from this nest box last year.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology