Carolina Wrens on Seed Bell

I placed my camera outside on a remote shutter and within minutes a pair of Carolina Wrens appeared! The pictures turned out really nice and sharp.

Banded Carolina Wren and Downy Woodpecker/nest ID needed!

Birding at Edith Moore in Houston, lots of birds including a banded Carolina Wren and a banded Downy Woodpecker. We also came across this nest.

Carolina Wren.

Wren on November 25 2022.

Carolina Wren nest in my garage

A pair of Carolina Wrens have built a nest in a wall cavity near the rafters of our garage. Within the past few days their eggs have hatched and the wrens have been very busy feeding the new nestlings!

Carolina Wren Eggs

We Claim This Box

I opened this wood duck nest box to find a neat Carolina wren nest inside. No eggs yet.

Carolina Wren nest

A persistent Carolina Wren made her nest in my golf cart at work. She had five little eggs that eventually hatched and all flew away.

Carolina Wren

This nest was created by a very persistent Carolina Wren mama who built her nest in a golf cart I drive at work.

All five of the eggs hatched and the little birds flew away. The mama Wren has come back to check out her nest.

Fully Feathered Carolina Wrens

Nesting in a bird box fashioned from NestWatch plans. I tucked the bird box on top of a column inside of our covered porch in late December in the hopes of attracting a mated pair, and it worked! Such a sweet little couple of birds!

Wren in workbench

Carolina wrens

hatchling Carolina Wrens

Carolina Wrens 6 days old

This is the first day I’ve noticed eyes open.

Carolina Wren Babies

As we have been watching these four Carolina Wren eggs in the NestWatch spirit, these four little fellas hatched sometime between our last checkup!

Carolina Wren Nest

Carolina Wren babies have hatched

Looks like all 5 Carolina wren eggs have successfully hatched. I’ve offered live meal worms and mom and dad have been feeding them throughout the day.

Carolina Wren eggs

5th egg laid 6-7 days ago. Same pair successfully hatched 3 broods last season (10 young.) Should see first hatchlings later this week.

Carolina Wrens

2 Carolina wrens very close to fledging

Baby Carolina Wrens

This nest is in a potted sage plant on our first floor apartment patio. These babies haven’t made a peep yet. There were six eggs, but I can only count five sets of wings in this picture. However, there may be one more little guy in the back, it’s just difficult to see in there.

story of the wrens

The resident Carolina wren decided to build a nest in my porch. Out of a brood of four, three fledged.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology