American Robin

Cutest Baby Deer

We saw 3 families of Killdeer. The first family had 2 chicks, the second (shown in photos) had 3 chicks, and the third had 1 chick. We watched the 2nd family as they were within feet of us. Two of the chicks behaved, staying together and listening to Mrs. Deer, the other was with Mr. Deer. This chick wouldn’t come over even when Mrs. Deer yelled at him. He came over after lots of yelling from Mrs. Deer but took a lot longer than he needed to. I wonder where these three nests were. We only found two.

Killdeer chick splashing in water.

Baby Killdeer running through water.

Mourning Dove chick finally fledged!

I wasn’t able to see inside the nest for a couple of visits because the parents were so protective and stayed on the nest, but now I don’t have to check it anymore!

First Bluebird hatchling!

Birds of a feather

Female Red necked Grebe feeds a feather to a chick

Look at me

Baby chick getting used to the water

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology