Baby Cowbird

This baby cowbird is a daily visitor to my feeders.

Mr. Cardinal and his cowbird

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal have 4 or 5 baby cardinals along with a cowbird. I posted more on FeederWatch.

RARE Leucistic female Brown-headed Cowbird!

Backyard Birds part 1

So many backyard birds that I never see! Cowbirds, finches, chickadees, and more!

Better picture of the Cowbird

A better picture of the Cowbird. What a sweet little cowbird. It’s taking good care of its not yet hatched Cardinal siblings.

Young Cowbird in nest

Baby Cowbird in a nest. Eggs need ID. White with brown speckles. The eggs are about an inch long. There are two eggs. The nest was made of mostly sticks and lots of white down feathers. Any ID?

possible cowbird egg in black capped chickadee nest?

do you the large egg on top of the others could be the egg of a cowbird?

Sparrow Nest with possibly cowbird eggs

Do you know which eggs are cowbird eggs and song sparrow egg?

House Finch Nest with Cowbird Egg

Discovery of house finch nest on our wreath on our front door! We noticed the house finches stealing our artificial wrath twigs last month and now we found that they built a nest! It seems we have a cowbird egg in there. The House Finch hasn’t abandoned the nest yet! Will keep an eye on it and leave out the back door for a while.

Young are growing even bigger at the eastern phoebe nest.

The young are almost grown up at the eastern phoebe nest.

Young are growing fast at the eastern phoebe nest!

An eastern phoebe nest full of young!

A lot of little mouths at the eastern phoebe nest!


Some phoebes hatch at the eastern phoebe nest.

Those phoebes are on top of an unhatched egg.

Cowbird egg has hatched at the eastern phoebe nest!

His name is bonbon. I named him!

Mrs. Phoebe At Her Nest.

Maya is doing a good job incubating all those eggs! I don’t know how she fits on top of them all!

Mother Cardinal Keeping The Nestlings Warm.

Mother And Father Cardinal Feed The Babies!


Cowbird & Cardinal nestlings in northern cardinal nest.

Cardinal egg & cowbird egg hatch in northern cardinal nest.

I’m not your step-father, cowbird!

Having a rest.

House Finch Nest

A pair of house finches built a nest in a hanging fern on my front porch.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology