Carolina Wrens on Seed Bell

I placed my camera outside on a remote shutter and within minutes a pair of Carolina Wrens appeared! The pictures turned out really nice and sharp.

Carolina Chickadee with eggs! 🪺

This cute Carolina Chickadee has 6 eggs and a ~4” tall nest, which is huge for the size of the chickadee. Her mate comes occasionally and feeds Mama. These images were captured with a Blink Mini, mounted inside the nest box.

Baby Bluebird

This cute baby bluebird was panting as he sat on a birdbath.

How do I report a banded Shorebird sighting?

While on vacation at Dauphin Island, I photographed a lot of birds. I didn’t even realize this guy was banded until I looked closer at the photo. He has a bright orange band on his top, right leg and a light blue band on his bottom, left leg. I can’t remember how many other birds were around or what the weather was like. How do I report this sighting? Sorry for the bad photo quality, I had to take a picture of the picture from my camera.
Photo was taken July 25, 2022.

Baby Dove has hair!

Baby Mourning Dove has hair!

Brown-headed Nuthatch Feeding Young

The Brown-headed Nuthatch pair (was a cooperative breeding situation with former juvenile from prior brood, but that one has moved on) has been tending to their hatched young. Managed to get great videos at multiple angles showcasing feeding, fecal sac removal, and young peeking out. Lots of vocalizations by parents and young. They’ve grown so big!

Fallen Humming Bird Nest

Downy Woodpecker feeding baby

I found Papa Woodpecker feeding baby woodpecker suet. At first i thought he was feeding his mate, (romantic) but it turns out it was actually his baby! So cute, brought tears to my eyes!

Cute Baby Sandhill Crane

House Finch Eggs!!!

On my porch, there is this little white hanging bench swing that is supposed to be a bird feeder, but I never filled it up. And now, there is a beautiful pair of House Finches nesting in it!
The eggs are SO cute!

Young House sparrow

Kill deer nest

The Final Look At The Eastern Phoebe Almost-Fledglings At The Nest Before They Fledge.

Day 15 Of The Nestling Phase/Period.

The 11th and 12th days of the nestling phase at the eastern phoebe nest.

The cowbird already fledged.

The Cowbird Has Left The Eastern Phoebe Nest, While The Rest Of The Pack Are Still There.

A lot of little mouths at the eastern phoebe nest!


Baby Wrens!

The Wrens should fledge soon!

Gray Catbird nest

The first egg in the Gray Catbird nest! 🙂

American Robin Nest

American Robin nest in our carport.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology