More photos of the mockingbird nest

Northern Mockingbird Nest

Mrs. Gunner has a well-built cozy nest. I can’t wait for the eggs to hatch!

Cozy Mockingbird Eggs

Second visit from the same day as my other post. Mrs. Gunner does a great job at incubating and flipping her eggs. I wonder when her eggs will hatch.

Mrs. Gunner’s Nest

Mrs. Gunner. isn’t very protective. She sits on a perch or sign when I check her eggs and flies back after I have left her nest. She seems to like being famous on eBird and NestWatch!

Another visit to the mockingbird nest

Mrs. Gunner does a great job at sitting on her eggs, but she isn’t protective like mockingbirds are supposed to be. She flies away if we are anywhere near the nest.

Northern Mockingbird Nest

We were looking for nests, I didn’t think that we should check this nest because it was an old nest from last year, it turned out that Mrs. Gunner built a new nest on top of an old nest! We have seen the pair around those trees. I wonder when the eggs will hatch.

Female Mockingbird who likes The Peep

A female mockingbird has been watching The Peep sing and today she decided to join him for breakfast. The Peep is to young to start a family (He needs to be at least 1 year old which he will be in May)

Backyard Birds part 1

So many backyard birds that I never see! Cowbirds, finches, chickadees, and more!

Snow Geese, The Peep, Robin, Cedar waxwings.

We saw hundreds of Snow Geese. The Peep has been coming every day to eat peanut butter and attacked a robin and another young male Mockingbird that was trying to take his tree, we had a robin in our neighbor’s tree and we saw three Cedar Waxwings in The Peep’s tree.

Chipping Sparrows, Northern Cardinal, Cooper’s Hawk, The Peep, House Sparrow and Mourning Doves.

There are now about 30 Chipping Sparrows!

Northern Mockingbird nest

Northern Mockingbird nest at Paul D Rushing Chain of Lakes. Update: Tweet and Barney haven’t hatched yet. I hope they hatch soon! This nest is near the side of the road in between two ditches.

Don’t Mess With Texas

A little Texas Mockingbird learning to be a proper state bird and enjoying some yummy mealworm suet.

Mockingbird Nest

we visited this nest and it was destroyed.

Fledgling Mockingbird

A baby Mockingbird. Trying to hunt for insects, wing-flashing. In case you’re wondering what the ‘toy’ was, she was playing with a clip for holding a bag of bread closed.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology