Male Mourning Dove with a Twig

Nest Building 2024 (So far)

2023 Nesting Season Overview Part Two

Baby Dove at Sunset

Mourning Dove Nest at Chase Bank

Mourning Dove nest at Chase Bank

The Sweetest Doves

We caught this pair of doves on the fence, grooming each other, they then mated and continued grooming each other.

Sad day for the Mourning Dove flock

All the birds took off, all but one dove, a hawk cruised over the yard, looking for prey, it spotted the dove, it swooped down, hitting the dove so hard that it was killed instantly, it carried the ripped-up, lifeless dove and carried it near the cucumber bed, I tried to get a picture, it then took off and I got a bad photo. The dove was the first bird to be killed at the feeder. I believe it was a female Mourning Dove.

Baby Mourning Dove with deformed beak!

Today we saw this baby Mourning Dove with a badly deformed beak. It tried to eat but the milo and corn were too big. Will it be able to live like this? The other doves were chasing it and being mean.

Mourning Doves at Chase Bank

I saw a dove fly up to a light and I noticed that it was a nest! The male was sitting on the nest while the female looked at him and flew away.

Injured female Mourning Dove!!

This female dove came to the feeder and birdbath. She has a fairly deep wound but acts normal. Does anyone have any idea what those yellow and orange balls in her wound are?

Mrs. Sparrow collecting feathers

Mrs. Sparrow is back to get more feathers.

The first baby dove of spring!

The first baby dove of spring! and on eBird!

White-winged Dove nest failure

We have been watching a White-winged Dove nest since March 9th. We last saw her at 3:32 and now at 4:27 the nest was damaged and we found a bloody egg on the ground. What predator do you think would do this? Maybe a squirrel?

Poor poor Mrs. Dove!

We just went outside to see Mrs. Dove and she was gone! The nest was damaged and there was a bloody egg on the ground. Poor Mrs. Dove!

Mrs. White-winged Dove

White-winged Dove nest

White-winged Dove nest in our front tree

White-winged Dove building a nest

Sunning Doves

Sunning is when birds lie on a fence or the ground and spread one (or both) of their wings and their tail out. Birds often do this on sunny days. A bird that is sunning may look injured or even dead, but this is normal bird behavior and helps rid the bird of parasites like mites and lice.

Female Mourning Dove with strange growth

Does anyone know what’s wrong with this dove? She has huge puffs of feathers coming out of her neck. She has been like this since last year, and she has gotten much worse! she can eat and acts ok but I’m just curious.

Displaying male Mourning Doves

The male doves have been displaying a lot

Mourning Dove and Squirrel

2022 Bird Nests part 1

2022 Bird Nests part 1.

Please correct me if I am wrong on any of these IDs.

Backyard Birds part 1

So many backyard birds that I never see! Cowbirds, finches, chickadees, and more!

Feeder Birds

Carolina Chickadees, Palm Warbler, Chipping Sparrows, Mourning Doves.

So many birds at my new woodpecker log feeder, tube feeder, platform feeder, and seed block feeder.

Chipping Sparrows, Northern Cardinal, Cooper’s Hawk, The Peep, House Sparrow and Mourning Doves.

There are now about 30 Chipping Sparrows!

Feeder Birds

A few of our feeder birds

Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove nest in our neighbor’s backyard. The parents took turns feeding the young.

Mother and baby dove eating suet and need feather ID

Mother and baby dove eating suet. The baby clung to the suet cage and was swinging around. What a silly baby dove.

The feather was found at Paul D Rushing’s Chain of Lakes when we were going to visit the (empty) mockingbird nest. It is a blackish brownish white feather. It was about 5” long and pointy.

White-winged Dove eating suet

I didn’t know that doves ate suet. Google says that they don’t. We got some new birdseed with milo, millet, and basically no sunflower seeds. (the birds don’t like it) We normally buy Economy Mix Wild Bird Feed Bird Seed Blend. It has black oil sunflower seeds, striped sunflower seeds, milo, millet, wheat, and corn. The birds love it. We get white-winged doves, mourning doves, Eurasian collared doves, house sparrows, European starlings, cardinals, house finches, and blue jays. Most of the birds are eating suet now. We are getting the good birdseed today so the birds will come back.

Cozy Baby Dove

Cozy baby dove

Baby Dove has hair!

Baby Mourning Dove has hair!

Dove fledgling

Baby dove from a while back. He couldn’t fly and his mother fed him.


Lots of dove pictures I found.

Mourning Dove

5 inches away from a young wild Mourning Dove. The pictures were taken with a phone. I took it on video and did a screenshot.

Possibly injured Mourning Dove

I’ve been seeing this dove for months now. His wing looks like it’s falling off. I’ve also seen two birds with black intentions on their neck and belly. (Adult mockingbird and young male sparrow) Also, two birds were all puffed up and leaning over. Their beaks were open. (adult mockingbird and female sparrow) The mockingbird wasn’t moving for about 3 hours. The sparrow had trouble walking and was acting weird. There also was a mockingbird fledgling. I noticed it was very skinny and different looking. Then I saw it weeks after and it was very skinny and had matted feathers. I saw yesterday that an adult mockingbird was attacking the fledgling! Why do you think this is?

Mr. Dove

Mr. Dove eating at one of our feeders. He was very friendly and let me get within less than 2 feet of him until the door scared him.

Black Pigeon

An all-black pigeon on our fence, any IDs?

Mourning Dove Nest

Mourning Dove nest in a dead palm tree with two babies! Both chicks fledged. The parents took turns with the babies.

Chocolate the Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove nest in our neighbor’s dead palm tree. Mother Mourning Dove with two chicks. Both chicks survived and fledged.

Do I Look Like a Parrot….maybe?

This female Mourning Dove looks like a parrot for some reason. Maybe it’s her tail or the way she’s sitting?

Mourning Dove Fledgling

This Mourning Dove fledgling was being chased and pecked by a male Mourning Dove. Then finally it got the seeds.

Mrs. Dove

Mrs. Dove

Doves in our yard

Doves in our yard.

Nap Time!

Mrs. Dove taking a nap in the birdseed.

Just coming for a visit…or two or three.

He comes multiple times a day and chases the House Sparrows away from the feeder. Was also seen gathering sticks for a nest.

Baby Doves

Baby doves

Waiting for Mourning Doves

A pair of mourning doves have selected a large pine tree for their nest. The female was working on the nest this morning while the male kept watch. It’s a decent nest for a mourning dove, it has a fairly concave shape. Now we are waiting for eggs!

Leucistic Eurasian Collared-Dove

This is a leucistic Eurasian Collared-Dove. Use this link to learn a little about Leucism and other abnormalitys in birds…

Dove nest

Leucistic Eurasian Collared-Dove

Leucistic Eurasian Collared-Dove feeding at salt block.

Mourning Dove Nest on our Patio

A pair of very attentive mourning doves choose our window box for their nest! We lovingly continue to observe them, being careful not to go out unless it’s to water our plants. It’s well sheltered from the sun & wind, however perhaps a little exposed to bird predators. Have made our silent presence know when a crow attempted an egg theft one morning ??

The Mourning Dove’s First Egg.

The first egg! Yay!

Mourning Dove Nesting

Nesting is occurring outside my Condo Unit and is being monitored by an Arlo Home Security camera. I can observed this nest without disturbing the nest from the inside via my desk top computer. I have only observed one egg at this time.

Mourning dove chicks

They were together in a nest five feet off the found in a nest five feet above the ground. The mother got scared away so i took a few photos.

Dove Family

During the winter of 2014, a dove couple visited with us be sitting on our deck many days. They seemed to watch us. This past month, mrs. dove nested in one of our window boxes. We watched from our window how attentive she was all the way through them flying the nest and now hanging out on our deck. The babies stay on the deck all day. Mom and Dad come back to check on them. They get fed, sit, groom each other and do other bird teachings. daddy dove will call and it’s almost as of he is teaching the young to follow. He will fly over to a chair or other ledge, etc…call and they follow when they feel they can make it. It’s so adorable to watch. Very loving parents!

As I write this, I am sitting on the deck across from them. They groom and sleep. The first night I did this, Mom and Dad sat on the wire above us watching.

Patio Babies

Found mother bird sitting on top of a flower pot on my patio. My closing of the screen door started mamabird and I was able to capture this photo. Since then she has been back and is sitting a top the eggs – I have been mindful not to utilize my patio. She appears to be a Mourning Dove.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology