Eastern Bluebird Mama Laid an egg!

Sorry, The First Post was Incorrect. This Female Eastern Bluebird Laid an Egg!

Female Eastern Bluebird laid an egg!!!

Nest Update 02: Female Eastern Bluebird laid an egg!!!

Feather ID needed

Blue feather found at Kleb Woods. Think either Eastern Bluebird or Blue Jay but leading towards Bluebird due to color. I’m not an expert on bluebirds but it looks nothing like a Blue Jay feather. https://ebird.org/checklist/S145097417

Tree Swallow Mama and Eastern Bluebird Babies

Beautiful Tree Swallow Mom with her clutch.
Eastern Bluebird babies.


Very excited — and surprised — to find 6 Bluebird eggs in the nest box today! Now this is what you call a Bluebird Eggstravaganza! This is far beyond my Eggspectations for this wonderful Bluebird pair!

They’re Back!

First Egg of 2023!

This pair of Eastern Bluebirds have been busy building their nest. Today I checked and found the first egg.

I (like to) believe this is the same pair that raised 3 chicks in this next box last year. Two adult bluebirds have been on the property and feeders throughout the fall and winter. Sometimes, a few others joined them – including some immatures.

Eastern Bluebird nest building begins.

M & F pair of Eastern Bluebirds observed bringing nesting materials (grasses) to the same nest box used last year. Up to five bluebirds were present daily here throughout the winter, including 2 adults. Possibly the same individuals?

Eastern Bluebird feeding one of its young.

Another picture of an Eastern Bluebird feeding one of its young. The nest box was located in my backyard. Three Bluebirds hatched and fledged. The dad was diligent in feeding his young!

Eastern Bluebird Nestling

Eastern Bluebird Nestling that was getting close to fledging. From Spring-Summer 2022. My first attempt at installing a bluebird nest box. Three bluebirds successfully hatched and fledged.

Eastern Blue Bird feeding its nestling

Eastern Bluebird feeding its nestling. Nest box was located in my backyard spring-summer 2022. My first attempt at building one, installing, and monitoring it! Three Bluebirds hatched and fledged.

The Seasonal Evolution of a Duck Box

I have had this Duck Box on the edge of the East Fork of the Eno River in my backyard for 7+/- years. This is the first year it served as a successful nest site for 2 species, Wood Ducks and Eastern Bluebirds. Red Shouldered Hawks on the other hand have always found the Duck Box a productive hunting perch.

Five Eggs, Four Mouths, 3 Sleeping Nestlings

Eastern Bluebird – five eggs laid, 4 hungry young on May 7, 2022. At least 3 sleeping nestlings on May 13. Not sure if the fourth is still there and is just hard to see. Time will tell!!!

Eastern Bluebird Hatchlings

Eastern Bluebird hatchlings – one egg left. I see a small puncture / crush on the last egg. Not sure if it is starting to hatch (to the best of my knowledge, that’s usually a morning thing), or if it was accidentally punctured.
Time will tell. Won’t check again for at least 3 days from now.

Eastern Bluebird Nest Building Underway

Nest building started Sunday, 4/10/22.

Eastern Bluebird Hatchling

In this clutch of 6, the first Eastern Bluebird egg hatched at 6:50 am. This is the second brood for this young breeding pair, who was also born in this same nest box last Spring. What a great way to start Memorial Day weekend!

Six Bluebird Eggs!

This is the second brood this year for this young nesting pair. This sixth egg came as a complete surprise, as the parents were born in this same nest box only last year, so they are relatively young. Their last brood produced five fledglings, so I have my fingers crossed that we will have six more to add to my backyard family!

Window to the World

Baby Bluebird gets a few moments of encouragement from Papa Blue, minutes before he takes his first flight into the world.

Baby Bluebird Fledges the Nest! First Flight!

Eastern Bluebird babies

Eastern Bluebirds nested in my backyard for the third consecutive year, and blessed me this Spring with 5 babies. This is the first brood at 5 days old. Hatch date was April 6, 2021.

Eastern Bluebird – Female and Eggs!

The first image is of the female in our bluebird nesting pair, seemingly watching us as we observe from afar. The second image, taken on March 22, 2021, captures the actual bluebird nest with five eggs.

Shocked! i was not expecting this!

The eastern bluebirds first brood had 4 eggs so I thought they would have 3 for there second brood put the mother surprised me with a fourth egg wow! This made my day

Eastern Bluebird leaving house

One of five Eastern Bluebirds leaving the birdhouse

Bluebird Nest Building!

A female Eastern bluebird prepares to enter the nest box with nesting material while the male guards the box from any potential predators.

On the Wing!

A female Eastern bluebird flies towards the nest box with nesting material primarily composed of dry grasses in her beak.

Pretty Birds Eastern Bluebirds, male and female

Eastern Bluebirds Mom and Dad eating live meal worms

Eastern Bluebird Babies

Eastern Bluebird babies at 8 days old. This is the third brood of Eastern Bluebirds born in this next box this year. This clutch came from different parents than the first two broods.

Different occurrences in nature

On my monitoring trips, I have found things don’t always go as planned. I have found birds will assume another bird’s nesting spot from building over the existing nest to just lay the eggs in an existing nest of another bird.

Out On a Limb

Out On a Limb. This baby Eastern Bluebird was hatched April 23, 2019 and fledged May 12, 2019. Here he is on a tree in my backyard, within 25 feet of where he was born and raised. He’s as cute as a button! Little does he know, there are 5 eggs in the nest box, so he will soon be meeting his new siblings.

Eastern Bluebird babies at 3 days old

Eastern Bluebird babies at 3 days old. There were 5 eggs in this clutch, and all hatched.

Eastern Bluebird hatch day!

Today was hatch day for my Eastern Bluebirds! Here are my four little bundles of joy, with one more egg to hatch. It is going to be an amazing journey watching these little ones grow up!

Breakfast is Ready

Papa Bluebird brings an insect breakfast to Mama, who is inside the nest box incubating 5 eggs.

Eastern Bluebird Eggs

I was happy to see 5 eggs this evening in the nest box. Another egg or two would certainly be welcome! 🙂

Eastern Bluebird Eggs

This evening when I monitored the nest box, I was pleasantly surprised to see two eggs! I put this nest box up last summer, hoping it would be used this year. It was fun to watch the female collect dried grass from my yard and carry it to the box to construct the nest. I look forward to watching my backyard Bluebird family grow this Spring and Summer!

Babies in the box.

Baby Bluebirds

Photos both taken on the same day, June 7th, 2018. Saw the father bluebird feeding the nestlings through the hole.


Mom is bringing home a family-sized dinner for her brood tonight. Bluebirds LOVE mealworms, but I’m careful not to offer too many. They aren’t as nutritious as a natural diet and they can be hard for young nestlings to digest.

Eastern “Azure” Bluebird eggs

Tree Swallow and Eastern Bluebird

White Eastern Bluebird Eggs

Eastern Bluebird hatch day

Hatchday at my Eastern Bluebird nest !

First Bluebird Brood of the year

Adult left and I had the chance to get a picture of the eggs.

Eastern Bluebird Fledgling

An Eastern Bluebird Fledgling checking out her new world!

Eastern Bluebirds interested in a nest box

Eastern Blue’s

One a day for the last five. We’ll see if the nest gets any more crowded.

House Hunting Eastern Bluebirds

This is the first time since I moved in last April that the local Eastern Bluebirds have been hanging around my house. It looks like they’re house hunting!

White Bluebird eggs in nest box.

First time I had a Bluebird lay white eggs!

Feeding the kids

I was lucky enough to have a pair of eastern bluebirds nest in one of my boxes this spring, where they laid 6 eggs and fledged 5 young. Several weeks after the young fledged, the male brought two of the youngsters back to our garden to feed them mealworms, which is when I snapped this photo. It was sheer magic watching them and I stayed outside, quietly snapping away for 30 minutes until they left.

Building a Nest

Lovely Eastern Bluebird building a nest.

5 – 8 day old eastern bluebirds

We have baby blues!

5 eastern bluebird babies. Both parents both very active and well, babies are growing fast and Nestbox looks great. We have worked very hard to create a habitat to give them their best shot at survival. Born on the morning of April 5, 2016.

Five Eggs

We put up our bluebird box for the first time this year and the momma has laid five eggs.

The First Egg! 3.23.16

Our Eastern Bluebird pair has already laid their first egg of the season! We do daily nest checks to make sure House Sparrows are not defiling the BB’s nests. What a surprise to find an egg this early!

Female Bluebird with Nesting Material

Let the nesting begin!

A male Eastern bluebird is seen caring nesting materials to begin the fabulous, and hopefully busy, nesting season. His lovely melody to attract the lovely female eastern bluebird is heard early in the morning.

Bluebird chicks

5 Bluebird chicks.

Eastern Bluebird newborns

Bluebirds hatching

Bluebird nest located in our OOEF Nestbox #7

This beautiful Eastern Bluebird nest is located in our OOEF Nestbox #7 on our Old Oak Estate Farm Bolden Bluebird Trail. The nest features some horsetail hair from our black horse.

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