Phoebe is more than ready to leave the nest!

For a few days the phoebe nestlings were poking their heads up. This nesting attempt started with 5 eggs. But I could only see three nestlings the entire time. The nest placement is in my shed and on top of the ceiling light fixture, so the nestlings were difficult to see.

I decided to take this photo to confirm the number of nestlings. As you can see, there are only three nestling visible, there may have been one or two more looking out the back of the nest. I’m not sure. But I will never know. That same day, three hours or so after I took this photo, the nest was empty.

The Final Look At The Eastern Phoebe Almost-Fledglings At The Nest Before They Fledge.

Day 15 Of The Nestling Phase/Period.

The 11th and 12th days of the nestling phase at the eastern phoebe nest.

The cowbird already fledged.

The Cowbird Has Left The Eastern Phoebe Nest, While The Rest Of The Pack Are Still There.

The young are almost grown up at the eastern phoebe nest.

Young are growing fast at the eastern phoebe nest!

Feeding time at the eastern phoebe nest!

An eastern phoebe nest full of young!

A lot of little mouths at the eastern phoebe nest!


Some phoebes hatch at the eastern phoebe nest.

Those phoebes are on top of an unhatched egg.

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