Female Eastern Bluebird laid an egg!!!

Nest Update 02: Female Eastern Bluebird laid an egg!!!

Killdeer Nest #1 Nest Check

The egg at Killdeer Nest #1 has been flipped and is due to hatch any day!

Killdeer Nest #1

This egg has been in the nest for at least 21 days and should hatch any day now!

Only 2 eggs left at Killdeer Nest #2

No idea what happened. This nest had 4 eggs a week ago and now only has one. The egg on the left appears like it might be hatching, but strange that an egg would hatch in the evening.

Nesting Carolina Chickadees

This super fluffy Carolina Chickadee is sitting on her six eggs!

First Nest of The Season–Killdeer Nest

I was walking near the trees at a park looking for early Northern Mockingbird nests when I saw a Killdeer not flying away and calling while making the broken wing display. I took a step closer and the Killdeer called very loudly and I saw a Killdeer nest with a single egg. I took a few quick photos and then left as to not disturb her.

Unknown nest with damaged cowbird egg

Unknown nest with damaged cowbird egg. The nest is about 6 or 7 feet in an Oak tree.

Infertile eggs?

Today is day 14 and the eggs have not hatched and do not appear to have been turned. The nest is damaged. Any ideas?

Happy Birthday Mockingbird #3!

Baby Mockingbird #3 hatched today! I wonder if the 4th egg will hatch or if it’s infertile.

Northern Mockingbird Nest Part 3

Even more photos

Tree Swallow Eggs!

On the 30th of May I noticed that the female tree swallow wasn’t really leaving the nest box, so I thought that she probably laid at least one of her eggs. Just to give her some space, I decided to wait till today to check on them. In the photo, there are three visible eggs; but I believe that there may be one more underneath of some of the feathers.

More photos of the mockingbird nest

Northern Mockingbird Nest

Mrs. Gunner has a well-built cozy nest. I can’t wait for the eggs to hatch!

Cozy Mockingbird Eggs

Second visit from the same day as my other post. Mrs. Gunner does a great job at incubating and flipping her eggs. I wonder when her eggs will hatch.

Eggshell ID needed!

Spotted this eggshell when we were birding, any idea what bird made it?

Destoryed Killdeer Eggs

We went to see Mrs. Deer. We saw her flying and yelling in distress. She landed in a field and yelled some more. After about 5 minutes. She flew away, also yelling. We saw 2 destroyed eggs. There were 4 eggs so I’m not sure what happened to the other two. What do you think would do this?

Killdeer Deer Nest Failure!

We visited the Killdeer nest. We found destroyed eggs. The mother was in a nearby field yelling. Poor Mrs. Deer! What do you think has eaten the babies? Please see my post showing the destroyed eggs.

2 Killdeer nests

Today Mr. Deer was on the nest. (and he did everything wrong!) We went to the nest and he ran away! No yelling, no broken wing display, or anything. We came back and he was on the eggs, he got up and ran away then he ran towards me (isn’t he supposed to run away with a broken wing?) saying “dee dee dee deee”. I left and he went back to the eggs. Maybe Mrs. Deer should just sit on them. She doesn’t run away. We also found another nest with another Mrs. Deer on them. She did not get up so the number of eggs in unknown.

White-winged Dove nest failure

We have been watching a White-winged Dove nest since March 9th. We last saw her at 3:32 and now at 4:27 the nest was damaged and we found a bloody egg on the ground. What predator do you think would do this? Maybe a squirrel?

Poor poor Mrs. Dove!

We just went outside to see Mrs. Dove and she was gone! The nest was damaged and there was a bloody egg on the ground. Poor Mrs. Dove!

Vultures eating an egg

Yesterday we saw Black Vultures feeding on what I think was a duck egg at a park. They got within 2 feet of us which allowed for some great photos.

2022 Bird Nests part 2

2022 Bird Nests part 2.

Please correct me if I am wrong on any of these IDs.

2022 Bird Nests part 1

2022 Bird Nests part 1.

Please correct me if I am wrong on any of these IDs.

Last egg never hatched

Of the 3 eggs in the Cardinal nest, only 2 hatched, they were named Red and Ruby. We went on vacation for a week so I wasn’t able to check on the nest until we got back. When we got back they were gone so I’m hoping they fledged. I removed the egg from the nest.

The last egg hasn’t hatched. Should I be worried?

The babies were sleeping when I got there but I accidentally woke them up. The last egg hasn’t hatched yet. It’s siblings hatched sometimes between the 18th and the 20th.
7 / 21 / 22

2/3 Northern Cardinal eggs hatched!

Two of the three Northern Cardinal eggs have hatched! They’re so cute. They hatched sometime between the 18th and today. I need name suggestions for these two!

Bird Egg Needs ID!!!

A light gray egg was found on the sand. About an inch long from top to bottom. Was un-damaged. The only nests nearby were Purple Martin nest boxes.

Bird egg needs ID!

Found this half eggshell at Paul D Rushing Chain of Lakes. Any ID ideas? It was about half an inch tall.

Killdeer Mother

Mrs. Deer, the mother Killdeer watching her nest.

Watch Eastern Bluebird Egg Hatching!

This is the second brood this year for a young breeding pair of Eastern Bluebirds.

Eastern Bluebird Hatchling

In this clutch of 6, the first Eastern Bluebird egg hatched at 6:50 am. This is the second brood for this young breeding pair, who was also born in this same nest box last Spring. What a great way to start Memorial Day weekend!


I found this egg underneath a bush nest to my grandparents feeders. As many birds were feeding there, I can’t be sure which laid it. It is a bit larger than a penny—white with brown speckles. What species is the egg and HOW IN THE WORLD did it get there? Surely the mom wouldn’t have laid an egg on bare ground….

American Robin Nest Update

Carolina Wren Babies

Our “Workshop Nest” built by the Carolina Wren contained two beautiful little eggs, which we were pleased to observe as successfully hatched today (Easter Sunday)!


As I was about to go on a hike with my parents and younger sister, I saw a grayish bird fly into a bent tree. I took a few more steps and looked harder, trying to figure out what kind of bird it was. Then I realized it was sitting on a nest! I slowly approached the nest and the bird flew away. I peered inside and, to my delight and surprise, found a beautiful baby blue egg!!! This is the first active nest I’ve found this year! Time to start NestWatch patrolling!!!

Is this an egg?!

I’ve heard Red-Bellied Woodpeckers in this area often, do you think this is an egg?

Birth of American Robin

Momma takes out an egg half and comes back to a hungry mouth. Note: Reupload with thumbnail

American Robin momma gets a suprise

Momma robin takes half an egg shell away and comes back to a very hungry new mouth.

House Finch Eggs!!!

On my porch, there is this little white hanging bench swing that is supposed to be a bird feeder, but I never filled it up. And now, there is a beautiful pair of House Finches nesting in it!
The eggs are SO cute!


Recently hatched egg!

Mockingbird Nest

Three of the four babies hatched the morning of 06/23/18!

First Bluebird Egg

Robin egg in nest

First egg of 2018!

My first Nest Watch nest! My first egg! So excited to be part of this website!

First eggs of 2018.

First nest of the 2018 season. Note chipped egg shell. Most likely from Mom moving the eggs around during incubation.

The Mourning Dove’s First Egg.

The first egg! Yay!

House Finch Eggs

First clutch of eggs from the House Finch nest above our door.

Tree Swallow nest

tree swallow nest with eggs and parents.

Robin Nestlings

2 nestling, 2 eggs

4 Eggs – Robin Nest – 5/2/2017

Robin nest 4 eggs 5/2/2017

Mourning Dove Egg

Mourning Dove egg found this morning. in a new nest on my front porch. Momma flew away when I went out to check my mail. She came back soon and resumed her nesting.

Carolina Chickadee Eggs

Clutch of 6 Carolina Chickadee eggs laid in my nest box. First egg date approx. 5/2/15.

Gray Catbird nest

The first egg in the Gray Catbird nest! 🙂

House Finch Nest

A pair of house finches built a nest in a hanging fern on my front porch.

Scrub Jay nest

Here is the nest on day one, two and three

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology