The Sweetest Doves

We caught this pair of doves on the fence, grooming each other, they then mated and continued grooming each other.

RARE Leucistic female Brown-headed Cowbird!

Injured female Mourning Dove!!

This female dove came to the feeder and birdbath. She has a fairly deep wound but acts normal. Does anyone have any idea what those yellow and orange balls in her wound are?

Female cardinal on her eggs(The brood that didn’t hatch)

The cardinals had 3 eggs in the first brood(in June 2022), & they didn’t hatch(they only had one brood)Hoping that they would nest in 2023!


I think this is a female Yellow-brested chat.ID please!!

ID please!!

Hummingbird back.

Mrs. Cardinal

Mrs. Cardinal came back. She was eating the safflower seeds that I spilled.

Summer Tanagers

We compiled a group of videos from 2019 of the beautiful Summer Tanagers that live in our area and come to visit. While it’s mainly videos of the males and their beautiful songs, a surprise guest makes an appearance in the end!

???Ruby-crowned Kinglet???

This little girl slammed into my shed wall! Poor thing! I’m very certain this is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet but I wanted to post it with question just to make sure before I add it to my Life List…

Barn swallows at sunset!

Sorry for the 1-star pics ūüôĀ

feeding the family

Dad chooses which chick to feed as they all hang off mum’s back

Birds of a feather

Female Red necked Grebe feeds a feather to a chick

Female Blue Jay Sits Nest

Female Female Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata) regards your photographer with a wary eye as she incubates four eggs in a backyard nest.

Mallard Incubating Eggs

Taken on Canon PowerShot SX530 HS
She let me come right up to her making for a great photo opp. In this picture, she was incubating ten eggs.

Female Mallard Incubating

This picture was taken by our Audubon BirdCam that we set up on the Mallard nest.

Female Mallard on Nest

This photo was taken by our Audubon BirdCam that we set up on a Mallard nest in our yard. She had just been scared off the nest by a Gray Squirrel, and in this picture, she was warily sneaking back to her eggs.

Female headshot

Female Bluebird with Nesting Material

Mama Robin Takes a Break

A mother robin, nicknamed Serene (because she is calm, patient, and seemingly unafraid around humans), built a nest on an a/c unit across from my apartment and has become a popular “neighbor” in our neighborhood. It’s all because of her and her mate that I joined NestWatch and learned so much about urban birds. She has been so busy with her young, she’s been looking tired and dry, so it’s about time she took a nice, long, cool dip in my birdbath. We had a nice rainfall last night. By late afternoon, after one more fledgling took leave of her nest, she made frequent visits, with one last visit being just for her. She was truly in the lap of luxury. Her expressions were of pure joy, I swear.

I am very happy she didn’t mind I was close by to take photographs of her. Zoom lens or not, she stood in that birdbath for a nice while.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology