A Male Canada Goose Chasing Off An Intruder.

Thirsty Hummer!

Back at it again! In pic number 3 you can see her puffing up and looking so big and scary 😍

Greedy Hummers!

My hummers fight so much! With two feeders with atleast 12 ports to drink from each, these two bossy Female Ruby-Throated are very greedy! You can’t see her but this is the shot right before one comes in on Moe to fight. Even though it can be annoying at least at the end of the day all my baby hummers get food for everyone 🙂

Mating or Fighting?

Couldn’t tell if they were mating or fighting. They were on top of each other and lots of wing flapping and hitting together, but didn’t see any intercourse… They still could’ve been mating just maybe i didn’t see? I was only a couple feet away from them sitting on the grass, so i don’t know if i could’ve missed it or not.

Chickadees and Nuthatchs fighting over nesting cavity

Pygmy Nuthatchs found this nesting cavity first then Red-breasted Nuthatchs toke over then Black-capped Chickadees toke over.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology