Bundle o’ Flicker Chicks

A pile of nekkid northern flicker chicks, 8 in total. Or is it 9?

Northern Flicker making nest in tree

Northern Flicker -yellow-shafted form

Northern Flicker at nest site. Removing a fecal sac after feeding it’s young.

Northern Flicker – yellow-shafted form

Baby Flickers are Talking at age 5 days old

After having starlings destroy the flickers nest last year, I became more vigilant in my trapping of starlings. It paid off this year and the flickers have 5 babies. Learn all about my experience with nesting flickers at http://www.kansasnativeplants.com/yard_birds_northernflicker.php

Nashville Flicker

Male Flicker in and on hollow tree, drumming and calling

All of my bird videos (a playlist)

This playlist lists all of the bird videos I have uploaded to YouTube. Hope it works and is useful.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology