Female Eastern Bluebird laid an egg!!!

Nest Update 02: Female Eastern Bluebird laid an egg!!!

Eastern Bluebird Hatchlings

Eastern Bluebird hatchlings – one egg left. I see a small puncture / crush on the last egg. Not sure if it is starting to hatch (to the best of my knowledge, that’s usually a morning thing), or if it was accidentally punctured.
Time will tell. Won’t check again for at least 3 days from now.

Eastern Bluebird Hatchling

In this clutch of 6, the first Eastern Bluebird egg hatched at 6:50 am. This is the second brood for this young breeding pair, who was also born in this same nest box last Spring. What a great way to start Memorial Day weekend!

Mockingbird Nest

All four babies in the nest 06/26/18

Mockingbird Nest

Three of the four babies hatched the morning of 06/23/18!

Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Phoebe nest

We found that the Eastern Phoebes came back to reuse last year’s nest even though the shed/garage it is situated on was moved some several hundred feet across our property! 6 eggs were laid, can clearly see only 4 hatchlings so far.

Carolina Chickadee Hatchlings

Carolina Chickadee hatchlings. Hatched yesterday, 5/15. Mother incubated for at least 14 days. Count 5 heads and it looks like 1 more. There were 6 eggs.

Wren hatchlings – 2 down, 3 to go.

Wren nest – 2 hatchlings, 3 eggs

First Bluebird hatchling for 2015!

As a result of the great work being done by our little Bluebird couple, we put out a few extra live mealworms today!

Successful House Wren Hatchings

Mimus polyglottos hatchlings

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology