Female Eastern Bluebird laid an egg!!!

Nest Update 02: Female Eastern Bluebird laid an egg!!!

New babies

Saw feeding behavior in camera clips, so got a picture of the nest to see how many there were. I *think* I see 4…

Tree Swallow Young!

The other day, I saw both the male and female Tree Swallows going in and out of the box. Because the weather wasn’t really nice, I waited until today to check the box. All four eggs have hatched!

Eastern Bluebirds: eyes open; feathering up

The three nest mates are coming right along. This will probably be the last time I open the box until they fledge.

Carolina Wren nest in my garage

A pair of Carolina Wrens have built a nest in a wall cavity near the rafters of our garage. Within the past few days their eggs have hatched and the wrens have been very busy feeding the new nestlings!

Carolina Wren Babies

Our “Workshop Nest” built by the Carolina Wren contained two beautiful little eggs, which we were pleased to observe as successfully hatched today (Easter Sunday)!

Hummingbird Eggs have Hatched!!

These little cuties hatched Wednesday and Thursday last week (4/29 and 4/30/2020) and this photo was taken Friday (5/1/2020). They are adorable and not doing very much yet, I will keep giving updates.

Eastern Bluebird hatch day!

Today was hatch day for my Eastern Bluebirds! Here are my four little bundles of joy, with one more egg to hatch. It is going to be an amazing journey watching these little ones grow up!

Mourning Dove Hatchings with Father

Father mourning dove with two hatchlings, 12 days old, in potted plant nest on our patio

Carolina Wren Babies

As we have been watching these four Carolina Wren eggs in the NestWatch spirit, these four little fellas hatched sometime between our last checkup!

Mourning Dove Hatchings with Father

This was taken just after I witnessed the father bird feeding his two hatchlings who hatched a week ago. The nest is on our back patio which we can see through our sliding door, in a plant pot about 5.5. feet high.

Hatch Day

After 15 days, the four Eastern Bluebird eggs hatched and the parents quickly set about feeding the hungry nestlings. I was able to stick my iPhone in the slot at the top of the box and fire off some shots – in an out in under 15 seconds while parents were off gathering insects.

Northern Cardinal Hatchlings

When we last checked on the eggs 12 hours ago they were unhatched. This morning we have 3 fresh hatchlings! Note that one of them has wet fluff while the other two have dry fluff, so it must be very recently hatched.

Georgia Bluebirds 2017.1

Early bluebirds in the birdhouse out front. Started building their nest in Feb and these fledged by April1

Norther Mockingbirds hatch day

All three Northern Mockingbird eggs hatched today.

Hatched-3 Northern Cardinals

3 little Northern Cardinals, freshly hatched in a thorny bush right outside our front door, just in time for Mother’s Day.

Carolina Wren babies have hatched

Looks like all 5 Carolina wren eggs have successfully hatched. I’ve offered live meal worms and mom and dad have been feeding them throughout the day.

Bluebird chicks

5 Bluebird chicks.

Carolina Chickadee Hatchlings

Carolina Chickadee hatchlings. Hatched yesterday, 5/15. Mother incubated for at least 14 days. Count 5 heads and it looks like 1 more. There were 6 eggs.

Baby Carolina Wrens

This nest is in a potted sage plant on our first floor apartment patio. These babies haven’t made a peep yet. There were six eggs, but I can only count five sets of wings in this picture. However, there may be one more little guy in the back, it’s just difficult to see in there.

American Robin Hatchlings and Eggs

Noticed the Robin spending a lot of time in and around our yard. My husband noticed the nest while cutting the lawn on May 31st.


We are enjoying watching these little ones grow in our bluebird box. They are Carolina Chickadees and all 6 eggs hatched!

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