Ruby-throated Hummingbird Fun – Traveler and the Troubles

We put together a fun video of our very first Ruby-throated Hummingbird we call “Traveler” having a time with two new “troubles” visiting at the Homestead. We have 4 feeders out now, but this was at the time we had just one and didn’t know until that day that we had more visitors. Lots of close up video of Traveler and his friends feeding!

Hummingbird Eggs have Hatched!!

These little cuties hatched Wednesday and Thursday last week (4/29 and 4/30/2020) and this photo was taken Friday (5/1/2020). They are adorable and not doing very much yet, I will keep giving updates.

Hummingbird and Bee problem

Does anyone have a solution for my problem? Here it is: Okay, so i have two bright red hummingbird feeders, not the ones below. We haven’t had a problem with bees, until now. Lately my neighbor cut down all of his flowering plants, so the bees have decided to take a visit over here. The first day there was only a few buzzing around my feeder closer to the ground, but then a couple of hours later there was a whole swarm, probably 30 bees all over the feeder! So then, i took the feeder inside, and of course all of the bees were angry. So they went to the other feeder, same problem. Of course, i was so mad that i couldn’t put out my hummingbird feeders. By the way, i like bees, and i don’t have a problem with them, except when they are on my hummers feeders and right by my door swarming. Anyways, i tried putting these other two feeders i had out, picture below. As you can see this feeder is pink, dark red, and green. Which i didn’t realize until now that the hummers only like bright red feeders like my other ones. So, i left the green ones out for a few days and no hummers came which really annoyed me after having seen a lot of them at my other feeders. So i thought i found a solution by putting out the green feeders, but turns out i didn’t. So now with the green ones there weren’t any bees, but their weren’t any hummers either. So now i don’t know what to do, and I’m asking y’all for help. Any suggestions?

All of my bird videos (a playlist)

This playlist lists all of the bird videos I have uploaded to YouTube. Hope it works and is useful.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology