2022 Bird Nests part 1

2022 Bird Nests part 1.

Please correct me if I am wrong on any of these IDs.

Female Vermilion Flycatcher?

Is this a female Vermilion Flycatcher?
It was gray with a brownish head, it had a faint stripe through the eye, it had faint wing markings, its beak was black and small, and its belly was orangish with brown streaks.

ID please!!

ID please!!

ID please!!Maybe fox sparrow/Baby & adult seagull.

ID please!

ID please!

ID please!!This bird is fine,it flew away.(:I think it is an immature nashville walbler.

At the visitor center,we saw this bird in the parking lot we saw this bird,we scooped it up with a book,than it flew on my cloths,than it flew on my sisters arm.ID please!!I think it is a immature nashville walbler.

feeder birds.

Birds Nest Needs ID

A very flat bird nest in a tree. It was about 4” from end to end.

There might be such thing as a rock pigeon I think!/ID please!

Mother and baby dove eating suet and need feather ID

Mother and baby dove eating suet. The baby clung to the suet cage and was swinging around. What a silly baby dove.

The feather was found at Paul D Rushing’s Chain of Lakes when we were going to visit the (empty) mockingbird nest. It is a blackish brownish white feather. It was about 5” long and pointy.

ID please!!

ID please!!

Id please!

id please!

ID please!

Unknown nest in a Crepe myrtle tree

Little used nest in a Crepe myrtle tree. About 6 feet from the ground.

Nest in a sign

Need ID for the nest. Very messy nest The nest with pretty small

House Sparrow?

Is this a House Sparrow? It looks different than the ones that normally visit. It looks like a normal sparrow but it’s mostly gray.

Would appreciate any ID ideas.

Nest needs ID! Bird’s nest in an Oak tree. The nest is pretty small. (Only about 8” from end to end but not sure because it is high up.) Its made of sticks and Oak leaves. Would appreciate any ID ideas.

Bird Egg Needs ID!!!

A light gray egg was found on the sand. About an inch long from top to bottom. Was un-damaged. The only nests nearby were Purple Martin nest boxes.

Need Feather ID!

Found this feather in my backyard. Any ID suggests of what it is? Possibly Mourning Dove? Not a Blue Jay. The feather is blackish gray with a white tip. About 5” tall.


My grandmother saw this bird at a McDonalds in Central Kentucky. She says it was about the size of a crow and looked similar to a chicken. I have never seen anything like it before. Have any of you? Please let me know if you know what it is. Thanks!

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