Injured female Mourning Dove!!

This female dove came to the feeder and birdbath. She has a fairly deep wound but acts normal. Does anyone have any idea what those yellow and orange balls in her wound are?

Injured Mourning Dove Update

Update: The male mourning dove’s wing has gotten much worse. It might be angelwing or something else.

Reposting this image cause i forgot all about it.

So sorry i haven’t answered! I forgot all about this post, especially after i changed my profile name to my actual name. I’m not really sure what happened to this guy. I’m guessing he might have got attacked or caught in a fence. Cause he can’t really fly so I’m guessing he has a leg injury or wing. I haven’t seen this guy ever since, so I’m sadly not sure if he made it.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology