Northern Mockingbirds

There was a Mockingbird nest in my yard and the four babies fledged a couple weeks ago – I wonder if this is one of the fledglings from that nest?

Northern Mockingbird

Mama and daddy Mockingbird have been busy bringing food to their four babies – here comes another mouthful!

Baby Mockingbirds

The babies are a week old now and growing so fast!

Mockingbird Nest

All four babies in the nest 06/26/18

Mockingbird Nest

Three of the four babies hatched the morning of 06/23/18!

Mockingbird Nest

Found one more egg in the nest on 06/15/18

Mockingbird Nest

Had watched a Mockingbird building a nest in this small bush at the front corner of our house – I found eggs in the nest on 06/10/18.

Little Killdeer

Killdeer love my parents’ neighborhood in Inwood, WV, so there are always little babies running around in the Spring!

American Redstart

While walking the trails at Eidolon, came across this American Redstart building her nest. It was so awesome to watch her working on the nest!

Fledgling Chipping Sparrow

One of the four baby Chipping Sparrows that had just fledged

Chipping Sparrow Family

Was lucky to have this beautiful Chipping Sparrow family in my front yard this year!

Leucistic Chipping Sparrow on Her Nest

I had no idea this Chipping Sparrow had built a nest right in front of my house until I got home one day and was walking from my car to the front door when she flew out of a very small, skinny shrub right at the corner of my house! I was thrilled the first time I saw this beautiful bird come to my feeders and couldn’t believe it when she decided to nest right in my own front yard!

Feeding time!

A leucisitc Chipping Sparrow and her mate built a nest right at the front corner of my house next to the walk and driveway in a skinny 3-foot tall shrub. We tried to avoid disturbing the nest as much as possible by using the back door, but the car traffic in the driveway couldn’t be avoided. The parents didn’t seem to mind that we were around – they went about their business and always kept a watchful eye from the roof of our house or a nearby tree. Every few days when I would get home from work, I’d peek at the nest through my camera lens while sitting in my car in the driveway. After I snapped this photo, I realized it must have been feeding time because the baby was swallowing a bug. I went inside and let the parents get back to business. The parents are still frequenting my backyard feeders even though the babies have now fledged.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology