Eastern Bluebird nest

Eastern Bluebird nest under construction.

Eastern Bluebird Babies

Eastern Bluebird babies at 8 days old. This is the third brood of Eastern Bluebirds born in this next box this year. This clutch came from different parents than the first two broods.

Violet-green Swallow meal time

Violet-green Swallow baby being fed at nest box entrance. They should fledge in the next day or 2. I will miss them!

Eastern Bluebird babies at 3 days old

Eastern Bluebird babies at 3 days old. There were 5 eggs in this clutch, and all hatched.

Eastern Bluebird hatch day!

Today was hatch day for my Eastern Bluebirds! Here are my four little bundles of joy, with one more egg to hatch. It is going to be an amazing journey watching these little ones grow up!

Baby Bluebirds

Photos both taken on the same day, June 7th, 2018. Saw the father bluebird feeding the nestlings through the hole.

Mother Bluebird

This is Mother Bluebird.

Eastern “Azure” Bluebird eggs

Occupied at last!

Been a few weeks since this nest started and today Whahoo the nest is occupied by this precious bird. Thank you, can’t wait to see how many eggs.

Eastern Blue’s

One a day for the last five. We’ll see if the nest gets any more crowded.

House Hunting Eastern Bluebirds

This is the first time since I moved in last April that the local Eastern Bluebirds have been hanging around my house. It looks like they’re house hunting!

Nearly There!

This is the first time I’ve seen any of the babies so far out of the nest cup I could get a picture. A few dozen attempts and I finally got this amazing picture! This is 1 of 3 babies on day 11-12. I think at least 2 of them fledge tomorrow, #3 hatched a full day later.

5 – 8 day old eastern bluebirds

Tufted Titmouse Chicks

First family in our new home and first NestWatch attempt.

We have baby blues!

5 eastern bluebird babies. Both parents both very active and well, babies are growing fast and Nestbox looks great. We have worked very hard to create a habitat to give them their best shot at survival. Born on the morning of April 5, 2016.

New Homeowners in the Backyard

Our new neighbours have developed an intense liking for one of the skylofts in our backyard. It’s conveniently situated near amenities like the suet feeder, bird seed stations, nectar feeder (and the apple and plum trees, which are in full blossom). Lots of renovation has been taking place lately. We have been hearing lots of tapping of the inner walls, seeing removal of the cedar wood chips this morning, and witnessed countless trips to and from their new digs. The exciting question is, will they be raising their family in it soon?

Carolina Wren eggs

5th egg laid 6-7 days ago. Same pair successfully hatched 3 broods last season (10 young.) Should see first hatchlings later this week.

Carolina Chickadee Eggs

Clutch of 6 Carolina Chickadee eggs laid in my nest box. First egg date approx. 5/2/15.

Carolina Chickadee Nest Box

A pair of Carolina Chickadees claimed the nest box I mounted on a laundry pole within 12 hours. It took them 5 days to begin building their nest. 15 days to complete their nest.

Carolina Chickadee Hatchlings

Carolina Chickadee hatchlings. Hatched yesterday, 5/15. Mother incubated for at least 14 days. Count 5 heads and it looks like 1 more. There were 6 eggs.

First Bluebird hatchling for 2015!

As a result of the great work being done by our little Bluebird couple, we put out a few extra live mealworms today!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology