Nesting Carolina Chickadees

This super fluffy Carolina Chickadee is sitting on her six eggs!

Mr. and Mrs. Starling collecting nesting materials

Mrs. Mockingbird collecting palm fibers

First Bird I’ve Seen in my Nest Box!!!

4/8/2021, 11:30 AM — A Carolina Wren entered my window nest box!!!
I put it out in March, and birds are finally stating to check it out!!!
Today is the first time I’ve seen one enter it, but a Carolina Chickadee and Tufted Titmouse have inspected it before.

Workshop Nest

We’ve discovered an unusually placed nest, eye level in the old workshop next to the light switch of all places. Power to this building is off, and we don’t often use it anymore, so the wren has taken up shop.

Brown-Headed Nuthatch Nest Cavity Construction

This Brown-headed Nuthatch pair has been observed during the past month plus working on constructing a nest cavity in a Pine log fence post. The two frequently alternate, changing places between who is working on the cavity and who is keeping watch in the nearby Sweet Bay tree, and exchanges of feeding take place between the two (included in this video).

As a note: please pardon the initial shaking of the camera, as I finally got my tripod set up towards the end. While you will hear the calls of these birds, there are the sounds of other birds in the background, including our ducks and chickens.

Tree Swallow arrives just in time for the next feeding.

Ready to Fledge

Nesting of streaked weaver

Streaked weavers are nesting at this place. there is a colony of nests

Nesting of purple heron

Purple heron is nesting at this location

Nesting of tailor bird

Tailor bird started nest building inside my house, I have noted down all its activity date wise. 4 days in nest building , 14 days in incubation and rearing of chicks.

Violet-green Swallow Turnbull NWR

Six Eastern Bluebird Eggs!

We have 3 nest boxes is the yard. Each year the Bluebird pair has a first brood in this same box but this is the first year we have had 6 eggs!

First eggs of 2018.

First nest of the 2018 season. Note chipped egg shell. Most likely from Mom moving the eggs around during incubation.

The Mourning Dove’s First Egg.

The first egg! Yay!

Carolina Wren Babies

As we have been watching these four Carolina Wren eggs in the NestWatch spirit, these four little fellas hatched sometime between our last checkup!

Mourning Dove Nesting

Video captured by my Arlo home security camera as dove returns to her nest. Video taken on 2/6/2018 (2 days following first egg) The weather has been seasonal with temperatures in the high 70’s.

Barred Owl in a Birch tree nesting

Female Barred Owl using an old Birch tree as her nest. She raised 3 Barred Owlets.

Anna’s Hummingbird

This nest is only 4′ off the ground and 20′ from my kitchen window.

Dark-eyed Junco

This dark-eyed junco made a nest in a hanging planter under the eave of our back porch. Here she is sitting on 4 yet-to-be-hatched eggs. Since these photos were taken 3 of the eggs have hatched.

Junco Eggs

I’ve seen this Junco pair in and out of a hanging Strawberry basket for a week or so and just discovered it had 2 eggs in it yesterday.

Tufted Titmouse gathering Alpaca Fur for nest

I place a twig grapevine ball out each spring and stuff it with fur I purchase from a local breeder. Titmice and Chickadees especially love the fur!

Female Bluebird with Nesting Material

Serene on her nest

Serene the Robin atop her nest on May 28th, 2014, looking directly at me. I used my zoom lens to capture such an intimate moment. She now has a full nest of four eggs. I took a photo of her eggs during her feeding time.

Serene Robins

My newest neighbors, a pair of American Robins, have built three different versions of nests, and despite human traffic (the noise of lawnmowers, cars, partying college students who have just graduated), they have settled on an air conditioning unit directly across from my apartment window.

They have been very easy to photograph, letting me peek into their private world without interrupting their nesting process or frightening them away. The birds are lucky to have picked a place where our backyard faces Schmeekle Reserve:

The nearby University of Wisconsin — Stevens Point campus has an excellent Natural Resources department and the area students and community love our wildlife!

As of May 25th, 2014 the Robins, whom I identify as Serene (female) and Serenade (male), have two eggs in the finally finished nest.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology