Hummingbird nest destroyed by a crow

Since this nest was destroyed in daylight and not at night I suspect a crow over rats or a cat. That, and I saw a crow swoop through the yard and could here a few calling in the trees.

Stranger Danger

I raise bantam chickens, and think they caught this hawks eye. It a BIG bird.

Serial Killer Blue Jay on the loose!

We have a serial killer blue jay in our midst.
I witnessed him several times throughout the day flying about with unknown hatchlings in his beak. Then I had the unfortunate chance to witness him stealing the first of the newly hatched Northern Cardinals from the nest I’ve been monitoring and posting photos of here. And despite the best efforts of mom and dad, the Blue Jay had emptied the Cardinal nest of all three hatchlings by days end. Dad Cardinal still seems awfully disturbed by this, even the next day, as he keeps hanging out by the nest giving off feeding time chirps. Sad day all around.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology