The red-tailed hawk is a bird of prey that breeds throughout most of North America, from the interior of Alaska and northern Canada to as far south as Panama and the West Indies. It is one of the most common members within the genus of Buteo in North America or worldwide.
Eats: Squirrel
Wingspan: 3.4 – 4.8 ft.
Weight: 2.4 Lbs
Length:18–26 inches
Speed:120 mph

Red-Tailed Hawk

Beautiful Red-Tailed Hawk

Red-tailed hawk’s first day off the nest

This Red-tailed hawk chick just fledged from its nest on a light tower at Coronation Park in downtown Toronto. It doesn’t know how to fly or manage human structures like the baseball fence from which it hung for over a half hour as it tried to wrap its head around what to do! See all 3 photos for the full story.

Poolside Hawk

Just happened to look out the back window and see this guy resting by the pool. What a great moment!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology