Very excited — and surprised — to find 6 Bluebird eggs in the nest box today! Now this is what you call a Bluebird Eggstravaganza! This is far beyond my Eggspectations for this wonderful Bluebird pair!

Say’s Phoebe Chicks up close

We monitored the nest in our house after we noticed it was occupied.
Mother raised them healthy and strong, they left the next today, and these are some memories.

5 – 8 day old eastern bluebirds

Baby Wrens!

The Wrens should fledge soon!

Baby Wrens

House Wrens have hatched!

The House Wren eggs in birdhouse have hatched! 😀 The babies are so small!

House Wren eggs

5 House Wren eggs.

They Fledged!

All of the baby robins have fledged now! 😀

1st Gray Catbird Nest

Catbird nest has 4 eggs now! 😀

They grew up so fast!

The first baby Robin fledged yesterday! It was so cool to watch! Can’t wait to see the others fledge!
I’m so proud of the Momma and Daddy Robins! First House Sparrows destroyed their nest, then an American Crow flew up to their nest, but none of the babies were harmed thank goodness!

Gray Catbird nest

The first egg in the Gray Catbird nest! 🙂

Baby Americans Robins

All of the eggs are hatched now! 😀

Three down, one to go!

The eggs in the nest in our carport hatched! The babies are so cute!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology