I have a bluebird nest box with a 2 inch hole that I found this unidentified bird. I thought it was an American kestrell but they don’t add material and this nest has some long grass stocks with a cup made of all black feathers. Can anyone tell me what this nest is? I’m about to get a game camera to post nearby to help find the identification of the bird but thought I would ask this community first.

Id please!

id please!

Can anyone ID this little guy?

Can anyone ID this little guy? Seen 6 Sep 2019

Unknown duck nest please IDENTIFY

We went on a hike and found the nest about 100 yards from a very small creek, we couldn’t Identity the species nesting. We also saw a Willow Flycatcher when they should be up north breeding, then we saw 4 baby Wilson Snipes about 2’ tall.

What type of flycatcher is this?

I am thinking that this is a west-slope flycatcher.

Is this a harry or downy wood pecker?

Do you know if this is a harry wood pecker or a downy wood pecker

Unknown Bird

Unknown bird

Trying to identify this nest

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology