Working together

A house wren started with sticks but a tree swallow took over by adding few grass and lots of feathers so she could get going on egg laying

4 Robins near to fledging in parking garage in a

June 30, 2018: 4 robin chicks that look to be near (or at?) the fledgling stage in a busy parking garage with no easy way to get to the outside unless they can somehow fly out an opening on one end of the garage that about 5 ft from the floor with a 12ft drop to the ground on the other side. I am not sure how they will get down from this nest once they do start to fledge, which should be any day now it appears! I am so worried about this phase for them because of the risk of falling to the concrete floor with only pipes to at ceiling level to perch on. Also the risk of frequent cars entering and exiting especially at dusk and dawn, not to mention a very loud scary garbage truck during the week. I’m fretting, to say the least! Any help? Nevertheless, both parents have been extremely attentive to them the entire time. Today, July 1 2018, we heard them for the first time making little chirps when one of their parents flew in with a bill full of food for them. The dad has been very territorial all day with his squawking and swooping around near some bushes and tree outside of the garage not far from the nest. Mom also has no qualms about scolding passerby as they walk past the nest from their cars. This is a recent behavior of hers, so she must be getting very tired of this situation and just wants them all out of this concrete box, especially considering it was over 95°F today and humid.

Mourning Dove Hatchings with Father

This was taken just after I witnessed the father bird feeding his two hatchlings who hatched a week ago. The nest is on our back patio which we can see through our sliding door, in a plant pot about 5.5. feet high.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology