Pepper And Maple

January 21, 2024 Hatching

Shows a hatchling struggling to get out of the eggshell and its sibling appears to assist

Pair of Barn Owls in our box

2024 breeding season. We now have seven eggs

Baby barred owls in my backyard

I built a barred owl house based on the NestWatch specs and put it in my backyard. First watched a raccoon size up the box. Then a few rounds of squirrels. Pretty exciting to then see barred owls investigate the box periodically in early morning hours. Then one day I saw “Beatrice” the barred owl looking out of the nest in the middle of day. She stayed continuously in the nest for over a months with regular food deliveries from “Barry”. Soon after that we noticed Beatrice leave the nest for brief moments maybe for a bit of reprieve or to help with hunting for the growing babies. I happened to be there to take video of the first fledge and of that fledgling climbing a nearby tree to safety. Once they both fledged it became difficult to find them but once a day I would seek them out and typically could find and photograph at least one fledgling and a parent. One highlight for me was a couple weeks after fledge when I found the two babies together one a single branch. Before my eyes I witnessed for the first time one successfully fly to another treetop and the sibling immediately follow. Another highlight was watching a parent deliver a short tailed shrew to a fledgling. I sent that picture to a local biologist for confirmation of the schrew identification. Fascinating stuff.

Eastern Phoebe – In and Out!

Little momma knows what goes in must come out! Keeping the nest nice and tidy.

White-Winged Dove with Fledgling

This is an adult White-winged Dove with her 7-10 day old fledgling located in a cherry plum tree at a residential acreage in southwestern New Mexico.

Carolina Chickadees Fledge

A short video of the 4 out of 5 chickadees being feed and two leaving the nest box.

Eastern Phoebe Nest with Babies

5 babies total. 4 made it out of the nest alive.

hummers new nest

this is jus after i discovered i have a hummingbird in my patio..before she laid the eggs.

Nest Box Cameras

YouTube Channel

Titmouse attempting to use my hair for her nest

While sitting on my deck watching the birds visit my feeders, a small Tufted Titmouse decided my hair would be a perfect addition to her nest. She (the smaller of the pair) hopped on my arm, up my shoulder, onto my head, and tried to pull out tufts of my hair. She worked at it for about 3 full minutes. Sadly, I don’t think she was successful!

A Yellow Warbler Nest I Had Found

Sparrows at the window

Junco feasting on sunflower seeds

A Cardinal’s Sweet Song

I recorded this male cardinal singing at a park in my neighborhood.

Black Vulture Feasts on a Turtle

This video from my YouTube channel shows a black vulture feasting on a turtle.

Young House Finch Bathing

House Sparrows Enjoying a Bath

House Sparrows on a Snowy Day

Recorded on January 4, 2022, at the bird feeder

House Finch Pair Eating

A Pair of House Finches eating black-oil sunflower seed on April 2

Brown Pelican Preens and Yawns

I caught a video of a brown pelican preening and yawning. Every single time I began recording, this pelican would turn away, which I found quite funny.

House Wren pokes head out of nest

This adult house wren pokes its head out of its nest to see if the coast is clear to carry on with its parental duties. It made countless repeat trips to the nest with its mouth full of insects and made my first visit to Sapsucker Woods unforgettable.
I drove to Ithaca, NY from Toronto this summer to visit Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology (yes, I’m that much of a bird nerd!) and fell in love with the lab’s 220-acre Sapsucker Woods Sanctuary.

First Egg in Carolina Wren Nest

This is a combination of several captured videos of the Carolina Wren’s nest in the nest box in our back yard. Video was captured on July 13, 2022 starting at around 6AM.

Total clutch size reached 5 eggs

First egg in carolina wren nest

This is a combination of several captured videos of the Carolina Wren’s nest in the nest box in our back yard. Video was captured on July 13, 2022 starting at around 6AM.

Total clutch size reached 5 eggs

Pothonotary Warbler fledgling

All fledglings left today. Friday, July 8, 2022.


I want food

Endangered Loggerhead Shrikes

This video about the Loggerhead Shrike appeared on a PBS show called Tennessee Wild Side! The photographs used throughout the 10-minute show were mostly mine!

Ruby-throated Hummingbird Fun – Traveler and the Troubles

We put together a fun video of our very first Ruby-throated Hummingbird we call “Traveler” having a time with two new “troubles” visiting at the Homestead. We have 4 feeders out now, but this was at the time we had just one and didn’t know until that day that we had more visitors. Lots of close up video of Traveler and his friends feeding!

Male Pileated Woodpecker Working on Nest Cavity

This gorgeous fella has been working hard on this nest cavity over the past week or so, and we finally heard “tap tap tap” and caught him peeking out from the nest cavity while working hard on it. Enjoy a few clips we took of him peeking out, and also in another tree nearby.

Juvenile red-shouldered hawk and sibling calling, July 3, 2021

This is one of three juvenile red-shouldered hawks from a nest in our yard this summer. Video was taken through a monocular attached to an iPhone SE.

MOM NOW MORE – wait, come back!

Dark eyed juncos get a meal from mom that ends too soon.

Northern Mockingbird momma & babies update

They are starting to move around so much. They will likely start leaving the nest over the next few days.

Northern Mocking Bird Parents & 5 Babies 07_05_21

Northern Mockingbird parents were trying to build under my back porch cover but, the twigs/sticks kept falling thru the vertical boards. I put in some long screws and tied twine to create a bottom and they built a great nest. They have 5 little babies.

Watch Eastern Bluebird Egg Hatching!

This is the second brood this year for a young breeding pair of Eastern Bluebirds.

Eurasian Collared Dove Nesting Cycle

This video is a series of video clips selected from a nest camera to represent various parts of the nesting cycle from empty nest to flying fledglings. At the beginning some Robins check over the nest site.

Barn Owl Cam

This Barn Owl Box has been active for five years. Presently three chicks are growing fast. Watch them grow and learn how to be Mother Nature’s rodent control. Barn Owl’s a value-added community member. Please help protect them but eliminating all rodenticides. Thank you.


Robin’s Nest 2021

Robin’s Nest 2021

Checking For Eastern Phoebe eggs!

Eurasian Collared Dove Nesting Cycle

A series of Still shots and video clips showing empty nest to fledged Eurasian Collared Doves flying. Most include a date and time stamp. Some title cards interspersed.

Baby Bluebird Fledges the Nest! First Flight!

Brown-headed Nuthatch Feeding Young

The Brown-headed Nuthatch pair (was a cooperative breeding situation with former juvenile from prior brood, but that one has moved on) has been tending to their hatched young. Managed to get great videos at multiple angles showcasing feeding, fecal sac removal, and young peeking out. Lots of vocalizations by parents and young. They’ve grown so big!

Eastern Bluebird babies

Eastern Bluebirds nested in my backyard for the third consecutive year, and blessed me this Spring with 5 babies. This is the first brood at 5 days old. Hatch date was April 6, 2021.

First Hummingbird 2021

We observed our first hummingbird visitor for the 2021 season on 3/18/2021 – a male Ruby-throated Hummingbird visited our feeders in the evening hours.

Brown-Headed Nuthatch Nest Cavity Construction

This Brown-headed Nuthatch pair has been observed during the past month plus working on constructing a nest cavity in a Pine log fence post. The two frequently alternate, changing places between who is working on the cavity and who is keeping watch in the nearby Sweet Bay tree, and exchanges of feeding take place between the two (included in this video).

As a note: please pardon the initial shaking of the camera, as I finally got my tripod set up towards the end. While you will hear the calls of these birds, there are the sounds of other birds in the background, including our ducks and chickens.

Summer Tanagers

We compiled a group of videos from 2019 of the beautiful Summer Tanagers that live in our area and come to visit. While it’s mainly videos of the males and their beautiful songs, a surprise guest makes an appearance in the end!

Sunbird Fight Large-Bill Gerygone In Nest

I was observing & photographing the Large-Bill Gerygone tend to their chicks when I captured this incident. A number of times I have seen both the Olive-Back Sunbird & Large-Bill Gerygone trying to chase each other away without actually coming into contact. It seems the Sunbird looked a bit better off in the fight as it flew off but the 2 L-B Gerygone slowly flew away from near the ground in the Heliconia plants.

The Large-Bill Gerygone & Sunbird has their nest about 2.5m apart.The sunbird nest was a meter from my door on a large fan. I push the fan a further meter away and placed boxes behind the nest so the mum could not see me & this allowed her to spend more time in the nest instead of flying off everytime I walked in and out.
The Sunbird came back a few days ago to lay in the same nest for the 3rd time this year.

Frolicking Robins

Migratory Robins frolicking in the stream in our front-yard, enjoying the warm, sunny day in November!

Pine siskins at the tray feeder

Chickadee Threat Display

Red Shouldered Hawk nest 2020

52 minute video covering early discovery of the nest, through successfully raising two chicks who are seen hunting after leaving the nest.

Juvenile Eastern Bluebird Feeds Nestlings

Juvenile Eastern Bluebird, presumably from first clutch, feeds sibling nestlings from second clutch. It was helping the adult pair (presumably its parents) feed the nestlings from the second clutch.

Red Shouldered Hawk Calling

Barred Owls Hang Out in Forest Habitat

We started hearing and seeing much more of two Barred Owls in March around the time the COVID-19 Pandemic hit. We’ve been clearing the woods of invasive ivy and holly trees with time at home. The owls have been watching us. They seem to enjoy having more open understory with holly trees going away and have more ground to hunt. We’ve found two owl pellets, both of which showed strong evidence of mole remains. We’ve also found some rabbit parts. In May we started hearing baby sounds. This second week of June we finally saw them and they are fledgling. We think there are at least two owlets.

Carolina chickadee baby peeking out of nest box

Eastern Bluebird dad feeding babies

Carolina Chickadee getting ready to fledge

Eurasian Tree Sparrow feeding chicks

I captured the male sparrow bringing food to its chicks. Look how many bugs he’s carrying!

Eastern Bluebirds Fledging

Why would she do this???

Our first two Great Crested Flycatcher eggs hatched. The chicks seemed alive and fine, but mom removed them from the nest 🙁

Why would she do this?

Tree Swallow Nest Livestream

The pair is currently sitting on 5 eggs. Clutch completion date was May 8th. Stream uses a raspberry pi and wide angle NOIR camera.

Bluebird babies fledging

Video of 3 of our 5 Bluebird babies fledging. Finally got to witness the event & got it on video. So excited to have all 5 eggs hatch & go to fledge. We have hosted many BB families in that (& other boxes) but that box is a particular favorite.

We had a House Sparrow pair show up & compete for that box. My husband dispatched the male. Female showed back up a week later with another male. He had to dispatch that male as well. The Bluebirds then were able to complete their nest & family

Great Crested Flycatcher Mama in Fight Mode

Yesterday, a red-bellied woodpecker landed on the nest box and stuck its head inside. This video shows mama’s reaction. She then left the nest and fought with the woodpecker until it left the area.

Robin Trading Places

Male Robin watches over nest and switches places when female returns. Eggs are 5-7 days old.

May 3, 2020-spring birds!

Titmouse feeding in tree cavity. I can hear the chicks- both parents feeding.
Tree swallows already have best, but now getting busy.

Eastern Bluebird Egg Hatch

The first egg hatches for an Eastern Bluebird.

Birth of American Robin

Momma takes out an egg half and comes back to a hungry mouth. Note: Reupload with thumbnail

American Robin momma gets a suprise

Momma robin takes half an egg shell away and comes back to a very hungry new mouth.

Eastern Bluebird leaving house

One of five Eastern Bluebirds leaving the birdhouse

Black Capped Chickadees excavating woodchips out of nest box in prepration for nest building

Have a new chickadee bird house set up and put wood chips or pine shavings in there and now the black capped chickadees are in the process of the excavation aka taking the wood chips out. I will be worried about house wrens when then come back because they will be curious of the box too!

2020’s First Hummingbirds

We put together a little video showcasing our first 2020 hummingbirds. These Ruby-Throats showed up towards the end of March, and they’ve been around ever since! This short video features close-ups at the feeder and while perched in tree limbs, with funny little captions here and there.

Bluebird Lays First Egg

I’ve been uploading daily video from a bluebird box. In this video, you’ll see the female lay the first egg. Subscribe to the channel to get notified of new episodes.

Ruby-Throat Stretches/Preens

A young Ruby-Throat hummingbird relaxes, preening itself and stretching while perched on a branch, taken in July 2018.

Male Pileated Woodpecker in the Fall Trees

After months of trying to take photographs of the Pileated Woodpeckers that frequent the woods, I was finally able to do better than that and catch one on video. A male Pileated was clinging to the side of a tree, curiously examining his surroundings before flying off to search for a meal.

Very lucky rarity caught on video

A lucky catch of two (I think),Red-tails”playing”,and calling out,In which is very rare to heard and seen by people. Or,they could be a type of eagle common to the area. Either way,Enjoy!

Screech owl brood 2019

Our screech owl buddies only had three young this year, most common is five. Less work for mom and dad this year.

Male House Finch Feeding Leucistic Female at the Nest

Male House Finch Feeding Leucistic Female at the Nest

Bluebirds raising 4 chicks

Repaired a discarded birdhouse and hung it in a tree in our backyard. The same day a bluebird couple discovered it and started building a nest.

I made two videos, this one is about feeding and successfully raising 4 chicks

Feathering the nest started near March 13 2019 and the fledglings flew away on April 5 2019

Western Screech-owl male and female in box behavior.

Western Screech-owls pair bonding in their nest box. Male only entered the box with the brooding female with a prey item. Vocalizations are too cool. Both times I saw this behavior the male left with the prey item. The 5 eggs were recently laid.

SE Boise California Quail sounds

California quail coming back to her nest, with lots of sound.

Territorial mama Quail chases away squirrel

Nine eggs in the nest. Quails are comfortable with the privacy of their nesting area. Squirrel tries to infiltrate. Boom!

Second pair of Black capped chickadees excavating woodchips out of nestbox

this is on 82 Camic Road in Central Square in my parents backyard by the lilac bushes. Just to note on the map of my submission it points where my apartment is not my parents house where the video was taken. I go to my parents house to watch the birds and take pictures. This video is a second pair of chickadees excavating woodchips out of the nest box which is right next to the other nestbox that has the nest in it.

Western Bluebird

Four of the five bluebird eggs have hatched this morning in the bird box outside!

Baby robins

I’m making my whole family use the garage door.

Mourning dove lays an egg

A pair of mourning doves nests on a small ledge on our house, and we watch them with a webcam. This video shows the female dove laying the second egg of her first clutch of the season on March 23, 2019.

GET OUT – Black-crested Titmouse protecting her eggs

Needless to say there were some “U”s on the submission form for this day. Parent didn’t leave nest with noises and tapping the nest box. This was from March 29, 2018. She layed 4 eggs and successfully fledged 4 Titmouses.

Bluebird Helper from 2018 ( Baby feeding babies on fledging day )

This is a short clip from a video of the 3rd nest of birds fledging last year from our front yard nest box. This older sibling fed the remaining birds between babies fledging. Several of the older babies fed the third babies and some of the young fed the new fledgling on the feeder too.

Mourning doves nest-building time-lapse

A pair of mourning doves nest above our front door, where we watch them on a webcam. This is a time-lapse video of the doves building their first nest of the 2018 nesting season on Feb. 28, 2018.

Say’s Phoebe Chicks up close

We monitored the nest in our house after we noticed it was occupied.
Mother raised them healthy and strong, they left the next today, and these are some memories.

Birds coexisting

This video was recorded in May 2018. Small birds returned to this nest after raising babies summer 2017. Shortly thereafter, a pair of Robins started building a nest directly on top of their birdhouse. Both have babies and will often feed their babies at the same time. This birdhouse is located under our covered porch, so close to human activity that I assumed this birdhouse would just be decorative.

Mallard family hatched and to river

Hatched on parking lot median and to river via walkway

Chickadees remove Bluebird eggs from Nesting Box in Tennessee

5 Bluebird eggs were in this nest originally. I found 2 broken eggs on the ground and another was missing the morning of April 24. 2 eggs remained in the best. I put up a camera in an attempt to see what bird was responsible. A few hours later, a pair of chickadees are caught on camera going in and out of the nesting box. I edited 2.5 hours of video down to 12 minutes of activity. Skip to 10:58 to see the egg in the chickadee’s beak. Papa Bluebird returns at (12:06) the end of the video to find his home raided.

Bluebird Young working up courage to leave the nest

Eastern Bluebird Nestlings

These nestlings are approximately 2 weeks old. They survived a brief cold snap and storm last week.

Cardinal Mate Feeding

This Northern Cardinal pair was out at the feeder this morning, and the male was feeding his mate a bite of seed.

Back Porch Bluebird Babies

Dark-eyed junco roosting in a purple martin house

For about 2 weeks this junco has been roosting every evening in my purple martin gourds or houses. Video created on 3/5/18.

Mourning Dove Beak Feeding 2

Was lucky enough to be monitoring my camera when I caught the mate fly in with a fresh supply of feed for the hatchlings. Nest duty seems to be equally divided.

Mourning Dove Beak Feeding 1

At 7 days, Dove chicks have grown at a rapid pace and so has their appetite. Mom/Dad handles both at the same time.. Since both take turns sitting on nest, it is unclear which of the two is currently on sitting duty.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology