Palm warbler feather????

Baby robins in nest

Tufted titmouse at feeder, black capped chickadee at feeder

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Lots of birds today including this RB Woodpecker and a huge hawk. 12-22-23

Tufted Titmouse

Cute Tufted Titmouse ~ they always look startled! 12-22-23

Red-winged Blackbirds

Was surprised to see two Red-winged Blackbirds in the yard today. 12-21-23

White – breasted Nuthatch

Cute little WB Nuthatch looks frozen in time. 12-20-23

Wet Woody

Very soggy morning in Vermont and a very wet Woody. 12-19-23

Eastern Bluebird Male on guard

House sparrows were attempting to takeover the nest this day. This male bluebird was not having it.

Pileated Woodpecker

Early morning visitor ~ Pileated Woodpecker ~ 12-15-23.

Top 5 best bird photos from 2023

Checking out the nestbox

Sitting solo

Cute little Tufted Titmouse sitting on the Red Dogwood taking it all in. 12-7-23

Snowy Egret

Nesting birds(July)

Nesting birds(June)

Nesting birds(May)

Nesting birds(April)

Nesting birds(March)

Feeder birds.

I have figured that the birds only like the sunflower seed, not the mixed seed!


ID for Hawk


Woodpecker Duo

A couple of Woodpeckers 11-24-23

Mouths to Feed

Yearly use of a sheet metal birdhouse by House Sparrows a few feet outside the window of my workshop.

Cooper’s Hawk

This hawk hung out long enough for me to capture some fun shots. He didn’t mind having his picture taken
one bit! 11-21-23

Carolina Wren

Cute little Carolina Wren visited yesterday. 11=19-23

ID for bird!


Bathing birds.


Fighting for the water.

Male Northern Cardinal

Handsome Male Northern Cardinal 11-18-23


Hawk that visited this morning. 11-14-23

Female American Goldfinch

Female American Goldfinch stopped by the heated bird bath today. 11-12-23

White -throated sparrow

This cute little sparrow blended in so well I almost missed him! 11-11-23

First Snow

First snow is generating lots of activity. 11-9-23

Dark-eyed Junco

Lots of Juncos over the last week 11-9-23

Feeder birds(Part 2)

Fedder birds(Part 1)

Looking Skyward

Male Downy Woodpecker in the Red Twig Dogwood 10-30-23

American Goldfinch Losing It’s Balance

Female American Goldfinch

Female American Goldfinch dropped by today. 10-28-23

Greeen-throated Carib (Eulampis holosericeus) 10-23-23

Green-throated carib (Eulampis holosericeus).

This bird is very common but not in the Nestwatch dropdown list for PHOTOGRAPHS. The bird name is allowed on other areas of NestWatch, just not in the photograph section.


Northern Cardinal

Female Cardinal. Had a male and female visit earlier in the day in the Serviceberry tree. 10-22-23

2023 Nesting Season Overview Part Two

2023 Nesting Season Overview Part One

Birds at the beach(Part 10)

Last part!

Birds at the beach(Part 9)

Birds at the beach(Part 8)

Birds at the beach(Part 7)

Birds at the beach(Part 6)

Birds at the beach.

Birds at the beach(Part 4)

What kind of birds are these?

Birds at the beach(Part 3)

Birds at the beach(Part 2)

More cormorants!

Birds at the beach(Part 1)

Eastern screech-owl.

Got it!

Tufted Titmouse with tasty treat 10-14-23

Sparrow Spa

Almost time to dig out the heater for the spa. 10-14-23

Blue Jay

Blue Jay with peanut 10-4-23 The Blue Jays love their peanuts!

White-brested nuthatch.


Red-tailed hawk nest with two nestlings

In southern Maryland while conducting a breeding bird atlas, I discovered a red-tailed hawk nest in a pine tree with two nestlings. It was like a storybook scene.

Poultry feeders provide nest platforms for Carolina Wrens

In southern Maryland there are a lot of poultry houses that are no longer in use. I obtained permission to conduct a survey of birds on a property with an empty poultry house. When I entered, I saw a Carolina Wren make a quick exit. I explored the area and found a nest in one of the poultry feeders. There were several feeders with similar nests.

Song Sparrow nest with Brown-headed Cowbird nestling

I followed a Song Sparrow adult to its nest and discovered four nestlings. One was twice the size of the other nestlings, so I figured it must be a Brown-headed Cowbird.

Common Raven

Common Raven taking it all in high on a wire. 10-2-23

Red-bellied Woodpecker

A Red-bellied Woodpecker has been visiting over the last couple of days. 9-29-23

Mlae downy Woodpecker

Male Downy in the yard the this morning along with a hummer flitting about in the garden. 9-25-23

Wild turkeys.

Male Mallard

Female Mallard

Please ID this bird.

American Goldfinch

Finally some sunshine and a visit from a female American Goldfinch. Happily my hummer is still around.

Squirrel or Chipmunk “nest” in birdhouse

Birds on a branch

Some of today’s visitors. Still have a hummer in the yard but that won’t be for long. 9-9-23

Blue Jay, Cardinal, Sparrow

Friends sharing the bird bath on this very hot day 9-6-23


Male Downy Woodpecker enjoying a spicy mix of seeds. 9-2-23


Won’t be long before they head to Mexico.

American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch on the thistle sock 8-31-23

Can anyone identify this nest?

Just appeared a couple of days ago in the corner outside my garage door. I haven’t seen any activity around it. Not sure if I should leave it there or try to remove it.

Yellow warbler

The little warbler is nesting in metal birdhouse.

Immature male Downy Woodpecker

I know you cant see the red that indicates that he is a male; but it’s very faint and on the top of his head.

Baby Bluebirds Sleeping

Baby bluebirds sleeping but waiting for the next food delivery.

T Titmouse ~ C Wren

Cute Carolina Wren and Tufted Titmouse 8-28-23


Not sure who this is ~ 8-28-23


Hummingbird enjoying the firecracker vine ~ 8-28-23.

ID please!


Bluebird chicks.


Birds Carrying Nesting Material, Part 2

A few more of my favorite photos from this breeding season of birds carrying nesting material. I monitored the Mourning Dove nest for Nest Watch.

Birds Carrying Nesting Material

These are some of my favorite photos of birds carrying nesting material during this breeding season. I was only able to monitor the Fish Crow nest all the way to fledging. The nests of the other birds were either not used, not finished, or I wasn’t able to locate it.

Female Ruby-throated Hummingbird.

8/24/2023. Long drinker.

Inside Birdhouse (Unknown Species Nest)

Fallen Robin Nest

Female Downy Woodpecker

Pileated Woodpecker Family Takes Form

This Spring I was eager for breeding season to start. I began daily walks through the park less than a mile from my house. On April 2 I spotted a Pileated Woodpecker visiting a tree cavity and moments later the female emerged and the birds traded places on the nest. I discovered the birds did this routine about the same time each day. Their nest was near the top of a snag about 10 feet off a busy trail of dog-walkers and runners and older adults taking their daily stroll. Many people, seeing me with a fancy camera (and standing just a few feet from the nest), would ask if I had seen the “big bird” they had recently seen on the trail. I would answer, yes I think they have a nest in this park. It didn’t seem to occur to anyone to look up! I watched with anticipation over the next weeks as the adults started bringing food and carrying fecal sacs out of the nest. On April 29 I caught a glimpse of the first nestling at the hole. A few days later three heads emerged! I was surprised when I heard the first one calling from the nest, sounding just like the adults. A week later the first bird had fledged, and the next day the second. I found the family foraging together within earshot of the nest, where the last nestling took two days longer to fledge. I was there at that moment, heard the bird calling, saw the adult fly over to an adjacent tree, and seconds later the little one was gone. The nest was empty. Over the last five weeks I had developed an enormous sense of attachment to this new family, and I couldn’t have been happier to witness their success.

Watching a Common Raven fledge

In mid-April, I learned from eBird about the Common Raven nest with two nestlings next to the bike path in a neighborhood park. The nest was on a pillar under a major thoroughfare. A busy bike path runs through the highway viaduct. I decided to monitor the nest for Nestwatch. One bird was more developed than the second bird, and I was concerned because I never saw the adults near the nest when only the second nestling remained. One day in early May I arrived to discover the second bird had just fledged from the nest and was in the viaduct hopping around on the rocks. Occasionally it would fly a few feet. It explored some canvass and other stuff lying around. The adults watched attentively from a steel girder under the highway. They were so attentive, I needn’t have worried. I watched for an hour until the fledgling flew out of the viaduct. I was able to find the fledgling nearby and get a beautiful portrait of the bird. This became one of my most treasured birding experiences.

First Male hummer in august!

Most likely a migrating hummingbird.

Blue Jay Taking In The Morning Sun

Green heron, juvenile

Juvenile green heron fledged from a tree 100 yards from my property. It enjoyed using my dock as a hunting spot

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Excited to have a visit from my first Rose-breasted Grosbeak! 8-18-23

Young Blue Jay

Afternoon visitors. 8-19-23

Tiny ~ Big

I know who the hummer is but who is this big guy? Some kind of Blackbird? Never seen it at the feeder before. 8-19-23

Feather ID!!?

I looked out my window today, and I saw this feather. I can’t figure out what bird it came from. Please ID!

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