American Robin

Red-eyed Vireo Collecting Nest Material

Dark-eyed Junco Nestlings/Fledglings

American Robin Nestlings

Fledged July 19. More photos to be uploaded.

Tree Swallows, June 12, 2024

Nestwatch data for Trustees of Reservations, Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate

Oversized WEBL egg

This nest was in a nestbox which is part of the Quail Hollow Nestbox Project. The WEBL adult was incubating the eggs, but they never hatched. We have taken the nest out.

Spunky mama

Flycatcher nest 2024

2 flycatcher eggs with a blue speckled.egg, just hatched. Did see a Robin nearby after nest was built.

Redtail Hawk

Redtail hawk soaking his/her feet in the birdbath on this 100 degree day in SF Bay Area. He/she stayed for 45 minutes, returned 3 times this day and again each subsequent day during the heat wave. Too shallow and small to take a bath, but she/he tried!

Carolina Wren nest in a nest box

Picture of the live young of my Carolina Wren nest box.

Dark-eyed Junco Nestlings #2

Entrance Hole ~ Front door

After parting a few Fern fronds I was able to see the entrance hole to the Carolina Wren nest. Very clever and large nest for such a tiny bird!

Carolina Wren nest

A Carolina Wren started this nest in my hanging Fern plant on 6-30. I don’t know if she will use it or not as I have not spotted her in it. Earlier in the season a Carolina Wren built a nest in my mailbox just a few feet from my front door but never used it.

Eastern Phoebe nest

The Eastern Phoebe came after a couple of weeks away and started sitting in their nest again. When it flew out I got this picture with my phone.

House Finches

Good job momma and papa finch – On our house wreath :-O

Dark-eyed Junco Nestlings #1

nest found 06/27/2024 in lemon balm herb box

American Robin Nest #2

American Robin Nestlings #1

Nest identification question

Two photos of the same nest 15 feet up in a carrotwood tree. No noticeable bird activity.


ID needed!

Bathing birds.

It’s a Wrap

A Eastern Screech Owl box I made out of wood scraps. It was placed about 7ft up in a Live Oak Tree


My birdhouse outside my window

Birds at birdbath

Eastern phoebe

American Robin Nest 2023

Nest in ~3 1/2 feet of ground in small deciduous tree.

House Finch hatchlings 2 of 5

I’m Hungry

Eastern phoebes nested on top of my outdoor speaker. After much activity I put my phone over the nest and here’s the result.

Swallows stick it to house wrens

I was surprised to find that a pair of tree swallows built their nest on top of a house wren’s stick nest that was not completed yet. I was worried that the wrens would pierce the swallow eggs and take over again, but no, the swallows were able to complete the nestling and fledged 3

Chickadee Fledgling!

Wren nest.

First flight test

I’ve been watching these babies. I knew they would soon be leaving the nest. I let the dogs out one evening. I heard a chirp, turned and they were watching me. They were sitting on an old tobacco basket about 3 feet from me.

Hummingbird Nest?

This nest appeared in the middle of the top of my hanging strawberry plant. We have a lot of hummingbirds around our house and provide them with food.

I think it is a hummingbird nest but my husband thinks it is a finch or other small bird.

House Wren hatchlings

Couldn’t see much inside this House Wren birdhouse until today when the hatchlings were practically filling up the entry hole. 6-16-24

Breeding birds

More juvenile bluebirds and a cardinal nest!

House Sparrow Baby In Nest In a Sign

Carolina Wren flushed from the nest with my presence

This bird has been very busy taking care of her brood. She has been in and out several times in the past few days, and often sits on the snake guard to bring food; obviously having less room in the nest due to growing hatchlings.

Mystery eggs

Curious as to what these are from? 2 different kinds.

Eastern Phoebe babies

I apologize for the blurry photos, but they are so close to the above deck floor of the walk out basement. I can’t get my head above the nest.
It has been pretty quiet around the nest, so I took the first picture two days ago. I was not sure they were alive. Waited until today and they have grown! Two adults have been hanging close again.

Baby Robins

This is the Robins nest and the three babies, they have left the nest as of 6/3. The one pic with the blue shovel off to the left is where the Eastern Pheobe’s nest is . I had a request to post these. The adult Phoebe is feeding her babies as I sit about 10 feet away writing this.

Hungry Owl

Adult Screech Owl feeding it’s baby a tree frog in a nesting box on a Live Oak Tree

Eastern Phoebe

Chipping sparrow fledging

Breakfast for this Chipping sparrow fledging 6-9-24

blue jay attacking house finch nest

A disturbing video of a blue jay attacking a house finch nest, tossing most of the fledglings out and carrying off one

Juvenile bluebird!

Full House

The House Finch chicks are getting big. Mama has managed to keep them quiet thus far!

Identification needed

A nest I just found on my plant shelf. Kansas City Missouri. Any help identifying the eggs would be helpful

Phoebe nest~Robin.

Blue Jay

A pair of Blue Jays nested in a plant holder on the gable end of a neighbour’s garden shed.

Guarding the Nest Box

Mom and dad were under attack from Tree Sparrows that wanted the next box. New hatchlings inside.

Hatched baby bird

A baby bird that hatched just recently maybe around today. We are still curious as if this is a baby cardinal or a robin considering the eggs look like a robins egg but a cardinal was sitting on the eggs.

Mourning Doves

Mourning dove chicks from 4-10 days old

Ruby-throated hummmingbird

The hummers returned on Mother’s Day. What a gift!

House Finch Hatchlings

Looks like three of the six have hatched thus far. First egg laid 5-16….last egg laid 5-21…They look healthy.

Mourning dove with feather tuft mutation Southern California.

Mourning dove with feather tuft mutation Southern California.

Northern Mockingbird Nest

Killdeer Nest

New Nest

This nest is on some shovels hanging by our basement door. I had to get a ladder to take the pic with the eggs when the bird left the nest. The other pic is of the bird in the nest taken by phone camera. This nest is about 4 feet from a robins nest.

Who’s nest is this?

Open cup, on the ground under a brush pile.

Did the Robins move their fledglings?

Wondering what happened to our Robin family?

Finch nest in wreath

Home sweet home

Every Spring, we hang 2 pots of flowers on our front porch. Then we get to watch as the male and female fly in and out of each before choosing the one for this year’s nest.

Chipmunk vs flycatcher, bluebird fledging, and scarlet tanager.

Then, the chipmunk dragged it off but we chased the chipmunk and he dropped the bird. We put him(flycatcher) in a cage and survived until he died on the morning of May 12th.

Dark-eyed Junco Nest 2024

Nest blew down with windstorm overnight May 19/20. No eggs.

American Robin Nest 2024

Eggs mysteriously disappeared this weekend.
No evidence of shells/predation near nest.
Nest seems undisturbed.

Mourning Doves

Mourning dove nest made in our back patio hanging basket

Number 5

Fifth House Finch egg laid this AM. All past broods have always had five eggs. Fingers crossed for healthy hatchlings….5-20-24

Female cardinal becoming a mother

These photos show case 3 things, 1 the mother sitting on her eggs protected them and keep them warm. 2, her rolling over the egg so the yoke stays all good and the bird stays safe and is allowed to hatch. And 3 all 4 of the cardinal eggs in the nest.

We are on Mt Desert Island Maine

Under our porch now

Robin nest 2024

We came back from a vacation to find a robin nest on our ladder! She is four gorgeous eggs as you can see in the first photo!

Snake on bluebird house.

We have chickadee nest with young in it currently. Is there a way to stop this huge snake from getting up the bucket?!?

Big Tiwg

Bit twig ~ small birdie….very industious!

First egg

First House Finch egg of the season in a Fern plant on my porch. 5-16-24

House Wren

House Wren singing. Building nest in the nestbox. 5-16-24

Bluebird home goes Carolina wren style

Opened this box to find a nest of an eastern bluebird located in deep woods that first appears to look like a Carolina wren nest to me.

Rose-breasted grosbeaks

The adult male RB grosbeak returned today along with a younger version of himself…very handsome!

Fluffy Fledgings

These fluffy fellas hop around, fly from branch to branch then sit there fluttering their wings till mom comes to fed them! 5-12-24

Bluebird nest progression

First pair of nesting bluebirds I’ve ever had

Cardinal babies – Then and now!

All the nestlings successfully fledged!!

Cymbidium Nest

Nest in my cymbidium orchid

Indigo Bunting

Better pics of the Indigo Bunting. It came back sevral times foraging in the grass along with the White-throated and White-crowned sparrows.

Canada Goose Nest – April 21/2024

Indigo Bunting

The Buntings and Grosbeaks are new visitors along with several different warblers. 5-9-24

Cardinal nestlings!

These baby cardinals are growing up! About a week and a half ago they hatched! They look VERY different!

Leucistic morning dove

These pictures were taken in my yard. I have described her tenure here in the photo captions. I feel very blessed!

Cardinal building nests in two different places!


Bathing birds.

5/7/2024. 5/8/2024.


Nest on front door wreath

Female Cardinal building a nest

The female cardinal has been putting nest material in other places. Is this normal for starting several “nests?” And why?

Pair of Cardinals.

Tree swallow straw nest

Strange that the tree swallow used these straw like materials instead of the grasses nearby like the other swallows used.

Northern Cardinal Nestlings

Feathering up!

Kris Nest 2

Six wren eggs (?)

Kris Nest

Nest with six eggs.

Oregon Junco nest.

I just found this nest after mowing the lawn. It’s tucked between edging and salal but was hidden by grass until mowing. Unfortunately not a good location, and probably abandoned. About a week or so ago, for a couple days, a pair of juncos were hopping near this spot with one of them fanning his tail repeatedly – seemingly to distract me.

Cute bird

Don’t know who this is. Looked like it had a red spot at the base ot it’s tail underneath. 5-4-24

New birds!

April 28th, May 1st and May 3rd.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology