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Does One Person Really Make a Difference?

Once in a while, NestWatchers document something that is seldom seen. That’s what happened when Jo Roberts of western Texas recorded the first known instance of a Scott’s Oriole reusing the same nest for years. Jo reminds us that even one person can make a difference in what is known about a species.

What Kind of Nest Materials are Best to Provide for Birds?

By Holly Grant, Project Assistant Some birdwatchers and nature lovers like to celebrate the beginning of breeding season by providing nesting materials for use by the birds that will soon become their neighbors. Each spring we see a similar uptick in questions regarding which type of nesting materials are best to provide, ranging from pet […]

Anthropogenic Light and Noise Pollution Affect Nesting Birds

In one of the most comprehensive studies on the effects of noise and light pollution on nesting birds published to date, researchers find a variety of detrimental impacts to reproduction. Data collected by NestWatchers across the country, combined with maps of noise and light pollution, show heterogeneous effects on nesting success, clutch size, hatching failure, and timing of nesting.

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