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Photo © Keith Williams
Photo © Lou Ann Harris

Meet Mary Geis

As we work through digitizing our collection of historic nesting data, we continue to uncover remarkable people who contributed to the collection and inspire us with the volume of their scientific output. Nest Quest Go!’s science writer Jewel Alston brings us the story of Mary Geis, a 95-year-old biologist who spent nearly 30 years gathering data from a bluebird trail in Bozeman, Montana. Geis collected data on ~1,500 Mountain Bluebird nests in her heyday, and she created such a strong legacy that the trail is still in operation and—remarkably—still being reported to NestWatch. You won’t want to miss this incredible life story of a woman with ambition and foresight who is responsible for a 50-year dataset on Mountain Bluebirds. 

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Cornell Lab of Ornithology