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Stacy Dart

Mission Viejo, CA, United States


We figured out why one of our Boston Ferns was turning brown and sparse on the top. the last time we watered, I don’t think we took the fern down. I may have soaked the newly-woven nest. We saw birds flying out of the fern for a week after that so I held my cell phone camera over my head and took a photo. No more watering the fern for a month at least.
Mom must have been desperate. We just moved in and hung the fern in February. The nest is in one of two hanging Boston Fern, on our busy balcony,shared with warring hummingbirds and their feeder, potted ficus and 3 planter boxes of flowers, plants and herbs.. The fern is usually taken indoors and watered weekly…well WAS but not any more! Nest built and eggs laid within 5 days.


Unusual nests


House Finch

House Finch nest. It's going to get noisy within a week.

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