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Robyn Waugh

Columbia, PA, USA


Took this with my Nikon Coolpix 900. This was my first time seeing this bird and what fun to watch as it looked for ants.



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Species: Northern Flicker

Northern Flicker

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One response to “Northern Flicker”

  1. Carol Clapham says:

    When I lived in West Chester, Pa. I often saw flickers, a beautiful bird. I did not know they ate ants. I now live in Wilmington, DE, 18 mil south on the Delaware River. No flickers–instead we have red bellied woodpeckers. I will soon move 15 mi. north again, into PA, and hope to see the flickers–I love their markings! But the woodpeckers came to my bird feeder occasionally, for hulled sunflower seed, as well as suet–I hope the flickers do as well!

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