4 cozy robin eggs

I see you!

Cute baby robin watching camera with a bright, wide eye. Notice the other chick in the back, with his beak in the air.

Sleepy Fledgling

Nap time

Carefully built nest

Beautiful Robin eggs

Robin fledgling

Robin eggs

Four beautiful blue eggs!

Hungry Robins!

Makin’ Groceries

This parent robin rounded up a nice array of food for the chicks!

Nest transplantation

Where I work a tree was being taken down when the nest was found. The landscapers ‘transplanted’ the nest in another tree. I was concerned about the babies, so after work I sat in my car and watched to make sure that Momma robin found the nest. Shortly, there she was. With a worm in her mouth, she stepped on the nest and the nest fell to the ground. I was very sad until I remembered that I had zip ties in the trunk of my car. I used a dozen ties to secure the nest. I placed the babies in the nest and once again I was in my car waiting for Momma. Sure enough, she showed up with dinner for the babies. All three babies fledged the following week.

Beautiful Blue

Dinner and Dessert

This nest was about 10 yards into the tree line next to my flower garden. I watched the parent catch the worm and then it seemed to keep looking for more instead of heading back to the nest. When I saw this, I had to laugh at the efficiency employed in keeping so many mouths fed!

lunch time

robins decided to make a nest by my garage in some old wood and gutters ,I was able to watch them until they all flew off

Hungry Mouths

Four hungry mouths compete for the last morsel of food from their mother.

Long Stretch

A baby American Robing stretches to get another morsel of food while his siblings wait.

Great Architecture

A Mother American Robin patiently sits in the perfectly level nest she helped build on the slanted downspout under the protective eaves of our home.

Baby Robbins

Grocery Run

With three hungry mouths to feed (you can see two of the three in this image) the male and female American Robins were kept very busy. Papa came back with an oversize load on this run! I don’t know how he could have possibly fit another worm in his beak!

Bad Feather Day

Robin’s nest was in a bush right outside the door and work and we watch these babies grown until they all left the next.

Feeding Time

I was sitting in my recliner watching birds right outside my bedroom window. I took pictures through a window.

Robin Mother cleanin the nest

I was sitting in my recliner taking pictures of the nest through a window.

Proud momma…

When I actually realized what was happening and who was responsible 🙂

Waiting for papa…

Saw their little heads peeking out and papa came with their treat…

Celebrating life 3xs..

First babies…

First family…

We had our tree planted by Tree Philly in 2012. This is our first family for out lovely tree.

Robin Feeding time

Momma Robin feeding fledgling

Robin’s nest

Robin and chicks in her nest in the top of a pergola in my yard.
Appropriately, this was taken on Mother’s day.

Baby robin fledglings

This nest is located in an empty basket hanging just inside a doorway to a greenhouse. I propped the door open so the parents could come and go.

Baby Blues

I noticed a nest int he crape myrtle outside my bedroom window. When I investigated, I found these 3 beautiful eggs! Every day I watch Mamma Robin sitting on the nest! Can’t wait for them to hatch!

I’m hungry

From robin’s nest in my backyard. When mom & dad were out “shopping for groceries” I hovered the camera over the nest hoping for a decent picture, got this one and cropped it down for effect.

I’ll take that first flight when you feed me…maybe

Oh boy, gummy worms

American robin chick excited for food

Mama Robin and three babies

Found a momma robin with her three babies in a tree near the house.

Mud Creek baby robin

A baby robin snuggles with its unborn siblings in nest

Three Robin Eggs

Robin Fledglings

Robin Fledglings

Dinner Time

Baby American Robin

Image captured while sitting outside one evening. The mother Robin was simply walking along in the grass and the baby followed. My fiancĂ© Jeff clicked instantly as it approached. We’re both avid birders – with compiled lists and participation in counts year-round. This was an amazing moment and we think it’s the cutest baby of 2015!

Melissa Metro & Jeffrey Sheridan
New York

Newly Hatched Robins

This is there second day alive, and there mother was close by giving her alarm call about a hour later, the other egg hatched.

American Robin Eggs

I stumbled upon this nest on accident when the mother flew off. they hatched only a few days later ,and I got lucky enough to see them fledge.

Little Robin

Baby Robin at the Chicago Botanic Garden, his mom flew off the nest as we walked by.

Front porch nursery

4 robin’s eggs in the front porch flower basket.

June 10th excitement

yum yum

Young Robin exploring his world.

this little guy was having a wonderful time pecking in the mud. The adult was near and it kept looking up to see if it was still there. Then it spotted me. Oh, oh, caught.

American Robin Nest

Nap time

Moma robin an little one resting on a warm summer day.

Open Wide!

Mama feeding her young!

Waiting for Mama to feed me next!

Mama feeding her two babies

Mama, we’re hungry!

Little baby robins.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology