Common Tern Feeding Her Baby

Sandy Pond Inlet on Lake Ontario.

Common Tern mother with her two cute chicks

This is one of many common term mothers whose chicks hatched and were being feed and nurtured by both mommy and daddy tern. These two were so very cute as they climb in and out from under their mommy as they awaited daddy’s return with food.

I love my mommy soooooo much !!!

While visiting Nickerson Beach along the south west coast of Long Island, I was amazed at the number and types of breeding shorebirds …. common terns, oystercatachers, skimmer terns, piping plovers … all of which were there in great numbers tending to their nests and young in the dune and sandy areas. This photo is one of thousands I took of common terns on their eggs and with their chicks … where this chick seems actions speak louder than words about how much it loves it’s mommy.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology