Mockingbird feeding the baby chick

Baby mockingbird playing hide-and seek

Northern Mockingbird nest in Cholla Cactus

I watched the mockingbirds make this nest carefully from the very first twig. They had four speckled blue eggs and four babies. The cactus is 15 feet from the house and 5 feet from the carport. We made sure to make noise as we left the house to go to the car. Parents flew up to trees where they could keep a close on on the fledglings. Photo taken with a Nikon Coolpix L830 with zoom from the landing of our porch (over 20 feet away from the nest and about 4 feet above it).
On the morning after a heavy thunderstorm with 3 inches of rain falling – the nest was empty. We have seen the fledglings feeding nearby with their parents.

Grumpy Beak

A mockingbird built her nest in our front yard– and aggressively defended it from all passersby. After departing from the nest, the fledgelings stuck around for a couple of days. Their high-pitched begging calls were audible from inside the house!

Northern Mockingbird eggs

Twirling with Adorableness

Baby Mockingbird out of the nest
exploring the real world dancing and practicing using those little wings.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology