Bummble Bees its what for Dinner

I am Fledgling…see me fly!

This was the last of our tree swallow babies and I caught this little guy by chance fledging! It was one of the best moments of my life and of his!

Nap Time

Two week old Tree Swallows fully feathered.

Feather Bed

6 naked newly hatched Tree Swallows.

Eggs Hatching

3 of the 6 eggs have hatched.

Tree swallow

Tree swallows begging for a meal

Down the hatch!

Baby tree swallows

Tree swallows waiting for food.

Lunch incoming!

Hello world

Tree Swallows built a nest in our newspaper box under the mail box. How beautiful is the placement of the Mallard feathers? Almost like they hired an interior decorator! Four babies successfully fledged, but for a few weeks, getting our mail was oh so difficult as mom and dad kept a watchful eye on their nest.This shot was taken a day after they hatched.

Hello World

Gimme That!

These are our male and female Tree Swallow Parents. When I took this photo, the female, was going back and forth from him to the bird box, and he would just sit there, moth in mouth. It was like she was saying, “go feed them!” And he would just wait. It’s been an absolute joy watching them reside in our bird box. Especially since they went through a day there battling sparrows. We helped fight them off!

Order Up!

A Tree Swallow feeds it’s young.

A Tree Swallow feeds it’s young at Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge near Salem, Oregon.

Love my feather bed

I love seeing new birds when I go walking or riding my bike at the park.

Into the Mouth of the Lion

Tree Swallows built their nest in a box mounted on a post on my deck. A shepherd’s hook, used for the bird feeder in winter, hangs 3 feet away. This is where I watched them mate. They also used this as a perch before entering the nest box. They were extremely tolerant of us out on the deck. We were able to watch as they came and went, feeding and caring for their family. As the little ones grew, it was fun to watch them sticking their heads out of the box, waiting for Mom and Dad to bring home a meal.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology