Nesting Swan

Mom & Chicks

Family Matters

Violet-Green Swallow Stare Down

This Violet-Green Swallow baby was giving me the great Stare Down on Day 20, just too cute for words! Only 5 more days in the nest.

Violet-Green Swallow Feeding Time

Daddy Violet-Green Swallow making a quick pit stop to deliver bugs to one of the babies.

Violet-Green Swallow – 11 day old babies

This was the last time I opened the nest box, the babies were so active on day 11 I knew I wouldn’t be able to see inside the nest box again.

Violet-Green Swallow Feather Nest

My Violet-Green Swallow Family had a gorgeous nest full of beautiful feathers. This picture was taken when the hatchlings were about 3 days old.

And the journey begins…

When a egg hatched it has a long life to live, hard winters, finding a mate, then having and feeding eggs.

Surveying the nesting grounds

One of two osprey building their nest on a telephone pole with no wires on it anymore.

Newly Hatched Robins

This is there second day alive, and there mother was close by giving her alarm call about a hour later, the other egg hatched.

American Robin Eggs

I stumbled upon this nest on accident when the mother flew off. they hatched only a few days later ,and I got lucky enough to see them fledge.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology