Baby Goslings

3 baby goslings chatting on the Maumee riverfront

Canada goose gosling

Canada goose gosling

A Little Late?

This was the only downy gosling in a flock of mixed adults and juveniles born earlier this spring.

Canada Goose Nest and Eggs

Canada Goose Nest and Eggs

We Eat This?

First outing for goslings and parents were showing them how to find food.

Feathering the Nest.

Just a few days before hatching, the female Canada Goose, pulls out down to line the nest.

Rolling of the eggs.

Just a few days prior to hatching, this attentive Canada Goose mom-to-be rolls her eggs.

Goose Eggs

Canada Goose eggs nest on a small island on our pond

Canada Goose Nest

Canada Goose Nest at Thomas Creek Wetland Chenango Bridge NY

Out for a stroll

These geese had a nest in a marshy undeveloped lot in a busy area of town. I happened by one day when they went out for a stroll. They crossed the road, went into the ditch, then turned around and went back.

baby goose

baby goose checking out the sky

Sticking close to mama

Young Canada Goose looking for food

You just never know where you will find wild life so I bring my camera everywhere..I took this photo in front of a car dealer on rt 31 in Clay NY. Lots of baby geese and ducks there.. i have also seen Great blue herons and green herons there.. pretty cool.

Curious Canadian goose gosling

Gaggle of Goslings

These 6 (very adorable) baby Canada Geese, are just a few that call our lake home. The babies were probably only a few days old when this photo was taken. They have their adult feathers in and are starting to like the grown-ups now.


Cute little gosling exploring his new world

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology