bluebirds getting feed

I put worms out for the blue birds so the mom took them to the feeder and was feeding them

Home Sweet Home

Bluebirds deciding if this is the best nesting box

Bluebird babies looking out

Two baby Eastern Bluebirds almost ready to leave nest

First Flight

Bluebirds Fledging

I captured the fledging of the bluebirds in my front box. The first one had some trouble figuring it out.

Snack Time

Mom and Dad Bluebird

Welcome to the world!

This little bluebird fledgling had only been out of the bluebird nesting box a few minutes when he was welcomed to his new world with a summer storm. He did not look very happy to be greeted this way.

Breakfast of Champions

Eastern Bluebird mother feeding chicks as father stands guard.

“We’re hungry!”

Eastern Bluebirds

Young male and female Eastern Bluebirds from a nest of five that fledged about 2.5 weeks before this picture was taken.

Ready to Launch

This eager Blue was the first of the brood to launch. He wistfully looked out like this for about an hour then in a flash he launched!

Open Wide

A daddy bluebird feeding a baby bluebird in a tree in my yard.

Juvenile Bluebird with Dinner

I have been watching these bluebirds since hatching and was lucky enough to see this one learning how to get his own dinner.

Eastern Bluebird Chick

Ta-Da! I’m here!

Little baby blue bird flies back and forth from feeder to tree. He stops to “sing” (aka looking for mom to feed) for awhile.

Baby Bluebird

Just Before Leaving the Nest

I watched four Eastern Bluebird fledglings depart the nest on July 19, 2014. This was the first one to take its first flight.

Cozy nest

Three days after I cleaned the bird house after an Eastern Bluebird family of seven (five babies) departed the house, another Bluebird couple began building a nest in the bird house. They increased the Eastern Bluebird population by four.

Answering the call of: Feed me, feed me\”

I photographed this photo from our den window of an Eastern Bluebird delivering a meal to its babies.
The babies competed for position so they might be first to be fed.

Meal on Wing

I photographed an Eastern Bluebird, through our den window, as it was delivering a meal to its babies.


Baby Bluebird waiting for a feeding

Bluebird eggs

6 lovely Eastern Bluebird eggs

Eastern bluebird with worm

Mama bluebird bringing a worm back to the nest

feeding time for eastern bluebird

eastern blue bird feeding its yong

bluebird feeding a cow bird on top of bird house

a bluebird raised a baby cow bird from a egg that had been laid in its nest by a cow bird

Fresh from the Egg!

That’s a Mouthful!!!

The Eastern Bluebird male needs that mouthful of mealworms to help feed his 5 new babies.

Mother of 5 New Babies

This Eastern Bluebird mother stays busy from sunrise to sunset taking care of her 5 babies.

First to Hatch

This nest box is one of 7 on my Blue Bird trail on our farm. After a chickadee was done with this nest box, a Blue Bird family moved in.

Mama Bluebird feeding 5

Born Hungry

Bluebirds hatch at different times and here one egg is still waiting.

Mama brings home dinner

It’s rare to see the really colorful bluebirds posing like this.

Feeding TIme

Feeding TIme

Hatching bluebirds

Caught this photo of a just hatched baby with another hatching below.

The Choir

Baby bluebirds were hoping for Mom to return

New and hungry

Bluebird Eggs

Our first nest after setting up a nestbox after moving.

And the winner is…

I thought this was the worst location for a house but I couldn’t find anywhere else to put it and I wanted one close that I could watch from our deck. It’s obviously not as bad as I thought because these 2 both seemed to want it What I didn’t manage to get in the photo was the wren who was moving in and kept popping her head in and out. I’m not sure who was there first but the wren won.


Babies first stretches right after leaving nest box

babies blue bird

First day out of nest box

A New Home

I put up this new box and put the ladder away only to look and see this Bluebird had already moved in. The pair successfully defended it from others and successfully raised offspring from two clutches of eggs this year.

Hungry Fledgling

Eastern Blueburd Fledge Day

Fledgling number three about to leave the nest. Brood number 2 of 2014

Sibling Love

These baby bluebirds are all about love. It looks as though they are hugging. It was amazing to see them every week: from an empty nest, to eggs, to newly hatched, and finally, all fledged!

Protective Mama

This mama bird is proud & protective of her beautiful nest & eggs.

Feeding The Kids

Male Eastern Bluebird bringing a stinkbug back to the nesting box for the kids.

Baby Blues

The other picture did not show their beautiful tail feathers, so I have resubmitted with the correct picture.

First Bluebird eggs ever…for us!

We put up our first nest boxes on Memorial Day. The next visit was on Father’s Day and these were in one of the boxes!!

Baby Blues

New to birding. We put up our first bird houses on Memorial Day. Our next visit was Father’s Day and there were 5 Bluebird eggs! What a Happy Father’s Day! Next visit was on July 4th and only two were in the nest. By afternoon, they had flown the coop, too.

Baby Bluebird fledge day

Baby Bluebird ready to fledge, he was the only egg that hatched out of 4 and I was so happy he made it to the outside world.

Delicious dinner….the early bird!

Fledgling still being fed my his mother

Baby Bluebirds

Baby bluebirds just born in backyard house. I call this one helmet head!

Eastern bluebird nest

2 Bluebirds have hatched. Un hatched egg underneath. 3rd baby still has her head stuck in shell!

Daddy Bluebird

This is Daddy Bluebird exiting the nesting box after feeding the babies.

Bluebird Mom

This is our bluebird box in May of 2014. I would stand rather close to the box once I saw the Mom and Dad Bluebird go in to feed the brood. Then I would snap the photos on their way out.

Eastern Bluebirds

Eastern Bluebirds taken on 06/28/14. There are four total nestlings. This is the second brood of the season from what I assume to be the same parents. There is no missing the target for those Goldenrod colored mouths!

hatching bluebird

hatching bluebird

Baby eastern bluebirds

Lunchtime for the baby eastern bluebird

Pair of Eastern Bluebirds

Pair of Eastern Bluebirds in full flight bringing food to their 5 young babies.


Three of the four baby Bluebirds standing in their food dish on TOP of the mealworms waiting for mom or dad to feed them.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology