Family Dinner Time

finch nest in barn with female feeding juvenile and male standing watch

Finch eggs

finch eggs in nest in a fern


discovered this next of baby finches in my fern on the porch!

Male Housefinch delivering supper.

A pair of housefinches made a nest on the eagle’s wings that stand guard above our back deck door. Eggs were laid the day that Hurricane Arthur passed through and one blew out of the nest and cracked. The other three hatched a couple of weeks later and as I type this today (July 31, 2014), the young are just about ready to fledge.

6 House Finch eggs.

6 House Finch Eggs and a pretty nest in a wreath behind a lantern! Whats more like home than this?

Ready to Go!

4 House Finch fledglings sitting on edge of nest, 1 day before they left nest- TOO LARGE TO FIT IN NEST ANY LONGER!

Is it feeding time yet?

The parents built a nest in an old Christmas wreath, and it was a beautiful and safe home for these adorable chicks!

Baby house finch

Only two babies left.

Finally hatched

House finches in hanging basket.

Three down. Two to go.

House finches in my hanging basket.

Pretty eggs

House finch nest in my hanging basket.

Hello World

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology