11 mallard ducklings with mama

11 mallard ducklings with mama

11 mallard ducklings

Mallard Nest by the Garage

Discovered this nest in the garden next to my neighbor’s garage. We were worried that her doberman might disturb the eggs, but she just sniffed them once, and seemed to want to protect them! When the ducklings fledged, they took them across the road successfully to the river.

Full House

This nest was located under my bathroom window on the side of my house.

The Mallard family

Mr & Mrs Mallard enjoy our spring ponds at Sunshine Loop. We discovered there nest in the field on 7/10/2014. We had to mark the area off because they were coming to hay the field any day. We now have an area in the Hayed field where the Mrs Mallard continua to sit on her nest.

Cute little duckling

A cute little Mallard duckling! What duckling isn’t cute!?

Mother’s Little Helper

Ducklings first outing. After a long walk they decided to take a break by the pond.

Mallard well camouflaged in her grassy nest site.

We spotted this mallard nest near the creek on our property. She had nested inside a wire cage that was around a young tree. Unfortunately, a bobcat later discovered the nest and the eggs were his breakfast.

Mallard buddies

Four Dabblin’ Ducklings

These 4 little Mallard ducklings & their momma, were searching for food in a shallow part of the lake. The babies were about 2 weeks old when this picture was taken. By now, the ducklings probably have a little family of their own too!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology