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Western Bluebird Female at Dusk

Western Bluebird female checking the nestbox at dusk is one beautiful sight

Western Bluebird Baby

Western Bluebird just learned to fly

5 Baby Western Bluebirds

This birdhouse has been successful for 9 years now. This was captured through a flip roof. A nest has occupied this birdhouse every spring for 2 clutches. At the end of august I clean it out. The parents are very trusting since I feed them live mealworms daily year round. These babies hang around since the parents do such a great job of feeding them.

Western Bluebird nestlings in the “Blue Young” stage (2-4 days old).

Photo taken during weekly Nest Box monitoring for Jefferson County Open Space.
First babies of the season for this trail.

The best nest is a full nest.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology