Ready to Fly !

This photo was taken about a hour before fledging.

Sharing Mealworms

taking a break…

bluebird parents watching a nuthatch

grasshopper – it’s what’s for dinner

female eastern bluebird bringing a grasshopper to the nest as male bluebird keeps a lookout

juvenile bluebird “supervising” the nest rebuild


This nestbox was on a trail I monitored. I noticed the youngster just starting to peek out the entrance as the parents landed on top with a meal.

Airborne 1st Flight

After waiting days for these baby Bluebirds to fledge, I was so excited to actually see and photograph this little little one come flying out of the house. There was no hesitation at all, it just came flying right out of the hole in the house way up high into a nearby tree. Although I will truly miss these beautiful birds, which happen to be the New York State bird, I am happy that they all fledged successfully before the heatwave we had here. This was an amazing experience for me that I will never forget and I am hoping they will come back again in years to come.

Feed Me!

Beautiful Eggs

Lunch has arrived

Crowded Nest

Just starting out

Dad feeding the little ones.

This is an Eastern Bluebird feeding the little ones. This is the first time I have seen a Bluebird nesting naturally in a tree, and not in a bird house. Being an architect I loved the fact that the fungus acts as a roof over the entry.

The Helper

I observed this, juvenile, Eastern Bluebird, from the previous brood, helping feed it’s younger siblings for 6 days, prior to their fledging. The first time, I witnessed this I thought, perhaps, it was a one time event, since the mealworms happened to be close by, but then saw the juvenile fly to the ground, where he plucked a spider from the grass, taking it back to feed the nestlings, inside the box. After this brood fledged, I continued to see the helper come to a mealworm feeder,I put out in the evenings, and take worms up to a large Oak Tree, where this pair, always led their young for safe keeping the first week, so he, definitely, was a good helper! I knew this behavior occurred, but I have only witnessed it once in 10 years of monitoring.

Overwhelmed Mom

Children can be so demanding, and this Bluebird Mom’s expression, seemed to say it all!

Eastern bluebird fledglings from 2nd brood

Two of the eastern bluebird siblings from the second brood this Spring watching mama build her third nest.

1st brood fledglings eating daily treat.

Eastern bluebird first fledglings,with papa on guard, eating daily wax worm treats.

Eastern bluebird about to fledge

This was the first Eastern Bluebird baby of the second brood this spring to fledge. Moments before flight!

Puffed up Papa

This papa eastern bluebird was all puffed up for about 10 minutes when a pair of cardinals got too close to this protective daddy’s 2nd brood this spring. He’s trying to look big and bad, but too cute is more like it!

Snoozin’ Baby Blues

Open Wide it’s Breakfast Time!!!

So thrilled to have Eastern Bluebirds nesting in my yard for the first time. I am happy to say that three babies fledged successfully on July 22nd. I took this photo from a far distance with a 600mm lens so I did not disturb them. This picture is of the Male feeding his young. I was amazed at what great parents these Bluebirds were. It was a thrill to watch this entire nesting experience from the day the male went into the house, brought back the female and fledged 3 precious little ones

One and Only Adorable Bluebird

I was thrilled to see an Eastern Bluebird pair begin nest building in a log bird house in our yard. Five eggs and only two hatchlings later, I noticed that the female had disappeared. The father continued to feed the two nestlings, and the nest box was left empty when the young grew old enough to fledge.
One of them, knowing instinctively where it would be hidden, flew into the dense shrubbery ten feet from the box. Fortunately for me, those shrubs were also right in front of a window and I was able to photograph this youngster during its first day out of the box.
Weeks later, I still saw Mister Bluebird flying about and caring for one of the babies. Much is still a mystery, though. Why did only two eggs hatch? What happened to the mother and later to the second nestling? Even though I don’t know the answers, I’m glad I had the opportunity to observe the nesting cycle of the beautiful Eastern Bluebird.

The view is nice up here

A young bluebird is enjoying the view.

New World

Newly fledged Eastern Bluebird seeing the whole wide world for the first time.

Backyard Bluebirds

Newly fledged bluebird with mom and dad

Golfers fledging out birdies in Arkansas

The golfers have created a nine next box Bluebird trail within their nine hole course. First year 37 fledglings thus far into July.Oak Hills Country Club, 75 members

Blues lunch

Phew…made it!

Newly hatched Eastern Bluebird in nest box

Blue Eggs to Blue Birds

As part of our Wildlife Management I built bird boxes last winter. These babies were born in my first house. I built them with the hinge on the top so that I could peek in and check on their progress. Such a joy to be a part of.

Breakfast Delivery

This bluebird box sits in our front yard. This shot is from June – the 2nd brood of 2016.

First Bluebird nesting success

My first year hosting Eastern Bluebirds in Oklahoma City, OK. They faced some serious challenges including 4th July fireworks illegally lit in our addition and a new house being constructed on the lot next door, four days prior to fledging. The parents were very diligent, this afternoon no eggs were left, so it seems all four babies fledged.

Baby Blue

This was the first nest of Bluebirds we have ever had at this house. The nest box had sparrows in it 6 or 7 years ago and nothing since. We were all so excited to have Bluebirds! I found an egg on the ground and this little one and the two older ones. This was the last time i saw this little one, though. He was so much smaller than his siblings and I was so afraid he would not make it.

This picture was taken on about the 12th day? The others grew so fast and this little one just couldn’t keep up i guess. I am so glad I have this picture of Little Baby Blue. I love it. The look on his face is priceless to me.

Eastern Bluebird babies growing up in the nest.

Took this photo by opening the side of the nest box and holding up the camera to snap this photo of the Eastern Bluebird babies.

Baby Eastern Bluebird right out of the nest

This baby Eastern Bluebird stopped on top of one of our bird food holders and posed for a photo.

Bluebird eggs in the nest.

I was able to stick the camera lens into the nest box and take this photo after the Eastern Bluebirds had laid the eggs.

Eastern Bluebird Mother making her nest for her eggs.

I was watching this Eastern Bluebird come back and forth from the nest building her nest and caught this photo of her through my windows when she was looking right at me.


Are You Looking at Me?

Open wide!

Fledgling Eastern Bluebird being fed a mealworm by dad

Ah Oh !

Bluebirds had nested in my bluebird house and I did not realize the chicks had fledged. I was walking in my yard with my camera and the male and female blue birds were following me and fussing at me when I got close to one of my flower beds. I just happened to look down and this sweet little chick looked so surprised he just froze in his tracks. Luckily I was able to capture the moment.

Brand new bluebirds

From 5 eggs, 4 Eastern Bluebird hatchlings.

Me first, Mom!

4 bluebird juveniles on the mealworm feeder with Mom.

bluebirds looking for a new home

bluebirds checking out a new box to see if it will work as a new home

Female and male Bluebird taken turns at the nest


Young bluebird squawks for more food

Question answered—ewwwww

Ever wonder why nests built inside a bird house do not fill up with the waste of the baby birds…. yep… proof in the photo. EWWWW.. And you thought changing a diaper was nasty!!

Feed Me

Thanks Dad.

Baby Eastern Bluebird that is the lucky recipient of the bugs Dad hunted.

Copyright Barb D’Arpino

Hungry here!

I came upon three baby Eastern Bluebirds all vying for the food Dad was out hunting for. This was one of the lucky ones that Dad fed (see next picture). Even though they were able to fly, they like to milk the baby thing.

Empty Nest

All 5 babes fledged successfully.

Waiting to fledge

Fledgling date for all 5 babes.

Dinner’s Ready!

Dad was feeding his 5 fledglings and this one was very persistent.

Completed Bluebird Nest

It took 12 days from installation of the Bluebird box to the completion of their first nest in it. Amazing.

Male Bluebird Security Watch

Male Bluebird atop cemetery fence–about 20 feet from his nestbox–chased a squirrel from the trunk of the walnut tree in the background and followed it along the edge of the fence. He then froze–when he saw the Starlings.

Naked Bluebird Hatchlings

30 days to the day from the Bluebird box being installed, three naked hatchlings appeared. Rather amazing. Grateful for the installation of the Sparrow Spookers, as the area is RIFE with HOSP.

Bluebird Security Perimeter: Chicago Style!

(NOTE: I hope this is not cropped as it appears in the above thumbnail…interesting parts cut off! Grrrr…) On May 27, 2016, I put up my FIRST Bluebird box adjacent to a cemetery in Chicago, IL. Amazingly enough, within DAYS, the female was building a nest! On or about July 11, at least two (and perhaps three) fledglings left the nest. That afternoon, the female, who had just returned from feeding the young in the box, perched on the sign pictured here (I hope). This was a distinct departure in routine for her–to dally in the area for so long and in a new location. She remained there for nearly 10 minutes, calling.

A Bed of Flowers

This Eastern Bluebird fledgling found a pretty place to rest while waiting for breakfast.

Dad helping feed newborns

Eastern Bluebird mom

Rufus with a fresh catch.

Dad (Rufus) with a fresh catch for Mom & kids.

Abby on her 1st hunt.

A nice pose from daughter Abby. From one of their 6 specific “go to” areas they frequent.

Rusty on his 1st solo hunt.

Baby ”Rusty” trying to acquire his 1st catch. What I found interesting was that Mom took daughter and Dad took the son and they paired up for almost 1 full day of teaching them how to feed for themselves.

The entire Rufus family.

This the whole entire family all lined up as if they were posing. The key is the family is getting even larger every day. I believe mother (Abigail) is sitting on her 2nd brood of the season. P.S. Her 1st eggs (Abby & Rusty) hatched from white eggs. Absolutely adorable watching them take their 1st bath. If only the camera was at hand for that.

Feed Us!

I got to see baby Bluebirds leave the nest for the first time, they learned to use the meal worm feeder, this is them 45 days after leaving the nest box. Soon after we had a second successful brood, and now waiting on the third to hatch. It’s been a great season for the bluebirds this year!

Mouth Wide Open!

Gourmet dinner!

Proud Mom

Mom bluebird coming into the nesting box with a grasshopper!

“Hey, anybody out there”

This is a bluebird nesting box in my back yard. First time in three years since putting the box up that we have had a pair of bluebirds nest in it. Since I am a nature photographer I have been from a safe distance keeping a good eye on it and taking lots of photos!

Three’s a Crowd

These bluebird siblings came with their parents to get mealworms in my back yard. On one occasion they all decided to perch on the feeder at the same time.

Eastern bluebird eggs

Bluebird Birthday!!!

Newly hatched Eastern Bluebirds…just a few hours old & two more on the way!

“Feed Me”

One Hungry Chick

Hungry baby bluebird waiting for Mom and Dad to come back with more food.

“Mama, we want more!”

The mama bluebird had just left the nest after feeding her brood, but these little guys were still hungry.

Food for the Babies

5 Bluebird Babies

The first clutch of the year in one of our bluebird houses.

Eastern Bluebirds gathering material for the nest box

The female Bluebird was busy gathering material for the nest box. The male was gathering snacks for her to keep up her energy.

Eastern Bluebird Nestlings

Four hungry Eastern Bluebirds wait patiently for lunch.

Just A Little Bite, Please

Lucky to catch Junior following Dad to the suet feeder!


After leaving thier nesting box I was able to watch the adult Bluebirds feeding their fledglings!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology