Four peas in a pod.

Four Eastern Phoebes grew up on a light fixture in my barn. Although they made the biggest, and we kept dogging mom and dad from feeding them it was lot of fun.

Funny Phoebe Babies

Every year a pair of Phoebes build a nest on one of our front porch support posts. We love to monitor the progress of the nest, see if there are four or five eggs, then watch all the hard work of Mom and Dad feeding their young. They keep us entertained! It is bittersweet to watch them fledge.

Siblings nap

Eastern Phoebe Babies!


Rocket Phoebe

Larry, Moe, and Curly

Pheeding the Phoebes

Getting ready to leave the nest!

Phoebes have been nesting in our old barn every year for several years now. There were at least three fledglings in this nest, possibly a fourth. Must of been very crowded!

To Catch a Fiy

Young Flycatcher fledglings huddle together on the last day together as a family. It was the only photo I was abke to take, since the very next day, the nest lay empty. The babies were out and flying.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology