The Lookout

We discovered this nest on our front porch when mom and dad house finch were chirping nervously nearby as we rocked in our rocking chairs. I checked on them one nice warm spring afternoon and caught the bunch in a pile of warm snuggles. While brothers and sisters snoozed, this one watchful chick looked at me with a face I often see when my 5 year olds wake up and beg for 5 more minutes of sleep.


Father House Finch brought his babies to the feeder on numerous occasions; in this picture they waited on our porch railing and he fed them faithfully. I love the way this picture exaggerated their wing quivering. They seemed very hungry!

a caring parent

the birds built a nest in one corner of the pergola, the eggs have already hatced. babies were waiting for the parents. Perched on a near by tree the parent is keeping an eye on the babies

can you hear me now?

baby bird on a wire with parent [ house finch].


House Finch nest

Daddy House Finch

A female House Finch laid her eggs in an abandoned House Swallow nest. Five babies emerged and Mom darted out and in relentlessly feeding her young family. Yet it was so rewarding to see Daddy joining in the feeding process a few times a day too.

Cute baby House Finch


I went to water my hanging Boston Fern and was surprised to find a House Finch nest!

Baby House Finch

House Finch Nest

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology