Osprey Nest

Osprey Feeding Time

Osprey Couple on Nest

Feeding Time

Feeding Time for an Osprey Pail

We watched as the male osprey delivered a headless fish for his mate. She flew off to a nearby tree to feast, while he settled on the nest.

Osprey chick waiting for mom & dad to return.

Osprey Meal Time

Parent and juvenile enjoying some fish while the other parent sits nearby.

Dinner arriving!

I was thrilled to observe this Osprey bringing a fish to it’s chick,

Cozy Nest

Osprey chick in a cozy nest with mom and a big chunk of fish. Life is good.

A Hard Flight Home

I located an Osprey nest along the Deschutes River, not far from my home, in Sisters, Oregon. About 30′ away on a pole a Western Kingbird had built its nest. Each time the adult Osprey came in the adult Kingbird would fly from its nest and harass the Osprey by swooping and diving at it. On several occasions the Kingbird would actually land on the back of the Osprey and peck at its head. I could tell that this little Kingbird was really causing stress in the Osprey family. In time both the Osprey and Kingbird chicks fledged.

Mom in for the landing

Baby Ospreys on the nest

Full nest

Where’s the sushi?


Osprey bringing flounder to the nest to feed four rapidly growing and soon to fledge nestlings

“Osprey’s Angels”

I love how these three Osprey chicks are all looking in different directions. I especially love the one next to the parent. This Osprey platform was put in place by the local utility company and used one end of the the wood reel they use for utility wire.

Osprey Nest Building

Osprey Nest Building

This Osprey is a permanent resident of a downtown Metro Park, and is frequently spotted in the Spring building up the years-old nest.

Osprey Preening

Osprey observations at the nest ….today was a preening day

Sushi time at the Osprey manor

Feeding the baby Osprey

Baby Osprey w/egg tooth

Was able to catch a glimpse of the lone baby osprey in the nest …and she still has her egg tooth

Trying to look fierce

An Eagle flew over head and it looked like the osprey was trying to look fierce

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology