We are hungry !

Male Western Bluebird feeding 2 of his 4 fledglings.


A family of Western Blue Birds (2 parents 4 chicks) in my neighborhood. Parents are very busy bringing worms all day long.

Where’s my breakfast!!

Right after fledging in the morning, unable to fly well yet, this little gal was very impatiently waiting for Mom or Dad to bring food!


This little guy fledged early. He was covered in bird poop and his little wings were too small to fly. The parents were feeding, but I never knew if he made it or not.

My bodyguard

First day of fledging , this little one couldn’t fly well yet. The highest she could get was up on this wooden duck!

Are you my mommy?

While I was helping monitor birdboxes, this baby started gaping at my camera!

Helpful older sibling

This juvenile was feeding its younger siblings! With a bug in its beak, it made several attempts at getting into the box (it seemed to have difficulty keeping its grip on the wood below the hole), while the three-day-old nestlings squeaked plaintively within. At last it got in, and emerged a moment later empty-beaked. About a week later, I saw it (or possibly another of the same brood) feeding the babies again.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology