Feeding Time: Eastern Pheobe

After seeing a phoebe searching for a nesting sight around the house in early spring, I put up a small nesting shelf in a protected area over our garage door. A nest was built, eggs laid, young hatched and eventually left the nest. At one point the feeding seemed non-stop during the day. With a ladder-blind some yards away and a 300 mm lens this photo was taken as the parent was feeding one of the young. All young left the nest a couple of days later.

Eastern Phoebe babies

These Eastern Phoebe babies were in a nest right above the front door of the building that I work in. It was so exciting to see the parents build the nest, care for the eggs and feed the little ones.

Where’s Mama

A busy mom and dad

This photo was taken on the last day that all 5 nestlings were in the nest. Mom and dad were busy all day flying back and forth trying to keep their babies fed!

First to Fledge

The nest was crowded until early evening when this brave Eastern Phoebe flew 5′ to the top of our screen porch.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology